Will Pay You 10 Dollars To Extract Vocals From A Sample

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  1. 5014170
    roglemorph : Thu 20th Jan 2022 : 4 months ago

    Hello, I have this track that I would like to steal the vocals from for personal use. I have already tried to do this with a plugin (RX 7) but was not very successful. It's very possible that this is impossible but figure someone on here may have the skills to get it out.


    Here it is, I can send you a longer (but not better) version if need be. Payment can be done through cashapp or paypal. Also open to hearing advice on how to do this myself but have tried a lot already.

  2. 4921914
    TomGee74 : Thu 20th Jan 2022 : 4 months ago

    I will try it for free if you send me link

  3. 3028317
    wmnobeat : Mon 24th Jan 2022 : 4 months ago

    i can, dm me on ig: @wmnobeat

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