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    Alabafruit : Tue 18th Jan 2022 : 4 months ago

    I'm bored with my own stuff.

    But I have one kinda anxiety.. its collaboration with other people. I have a very musically Family but But I have always avoided doing something with others

    I don't mean to say that I have never tried to work with someone but The dude wanted some generic Trap stuff... it didn't workout so I abandoned the idea at all.

    I can't do trap or anything like that. But I'm open to everything and ready to learn something new (just don't know if its a problem.) My stuff is more lofi boom bap, synth-ish stuff or ambient or whatever Just check my Loops and my SoundCloud if you want an Idea what I can do.

    I just want to prove to myself that working with others can be fun. So if you want something really serious ( release something or so) then this is probably not for you.

    I have no idea how it will work. I have Fl and last we used Dropbox to share the whole thing with each other. We would have to clarify a lot of things because I didnt do it in a long time.

    To get in contact please use Looperman, my email which is on my Looperman profile or Soundcloud.

    I also ask for your patience if I am being silly or not understanding something. I don't want this to be a disaster and I'll go back to my shell and never try again.

    ...Man that sounds fun :/

  2. 3440360
    FrenchSummerBreeze : Wed 19th Jan 2022 : 4 months ago

    Can I help you?

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