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  1. 4778768
    RedwoodOnTheBeat : Mon 17th Jan 2022 : 5 months ago

    yo guys at looperman i love your website and have been using for years now only problem i have found well not really a problem just inefficient for the user is whenever i download a loop i have to manually save each loop with the bpm and key after its downloaded and can sometimes well all the time if your me lol i mix the samples up ect is there no way we could download a loop and it come with the bpm and key like i know it says what bpm and key the loop is which is great for people looking for specific pieces for tracks there and then but alot of us just wanna download loads of loops to use in future and for someone who uses looperman daily it can be a pain but ey just a rant and rave just my opinion so doesnt mean anything but big up looperman defiantly the best but i feel other firms have the edge that way in a sense that when you download a loop it comes with the loops info and isnt something that has to be manually like renaming the loops each time maby even an option for loop loaders to add bpm and key if they want to to give an edge on downloads cuz i know personally if it said bpm and key with download i would be downloading more many blessings

  2. 4254339
    mistercop : Sat 22nd Jan 2022 : 5 months ago

    When I download from here, I edit the file name with something like this, say for example, the first guitar sample I like is bpm 120, key Gm:

    g1 120 Gm (keeping the rest a default that looperman gives)

    all in a single folder named song #. The add more, d for drums, s for synth etc.

    Also, not always 100% reliable, but this website will give the details after the fact:

  3. 4778768
    RedwoodOnTheBeat : Fri 11th Mar 2022 : 3 months ago

    thankyou for the reply bro and yeah your way works man but its just not efficient i mean this sites been active for a very long time now... i still feel downloading the loop and it already coming with the crucial info like BPM and KEY in the title would help alot of producers save time having to manually rename each one.. one by one! i get you though man but for someone like me who downloads 10+ loops a day its not something you want to be doing everyday lol! and i know other sites make it mandatory for key and bpm to come with download so to be a strong competitor you would have thought it would already be done :D and yeah that sites good to get the key but again if it came with the key and bpm in title it wouldn't be a guessing game or renaming ea one ect

  4. 4778768
    RedwoodOnTheBeat : Fri 11th Mar 2022 : 3 months ago

    its like you have to upload the loop with the key and bpm but when downloaded it downloads without that info? like what the actual lmao easy fix too have a good day bro!

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