UK Rapper Looking For Producers Or Other Artists

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  1. 5270424
    k4niftw : Fri 7th Jan 2022 : 2 weeks ago

    Im an english rapper, mostly hip hop, bit of trap, looking for other rappers, artists producers that would like to collab or just work together, but i am open to working with anyone, just to try something new. I havent released any formal work as of yet but maybe that could change now
    , ill drop some links for some work i have got on hand.

  2. 2916868
    boda1551 : Fri 7th Jan 2022 : 2 weeks ago

    dope work, i can make some beats for you :)

  3. 2734318
    DomisAkaDousee : Sat 8th Jan 2022 : 2 weeks ago

    Hey bro, I've been working for 3 years and got experience with beat making and working with other people. I wanna work. Hit me up on IG @douseebeats or soundcloud

  4. 3212258
    Energyraphi : Sun 9th Jan 2022 : 1 week ago

    I have experience, I can produce you. Listen to my old tracks

  5. 5216027
    RoxyTheWolf : Tue 11th Jan 2022 : 1 week ago

    I am working on a trap beat right now, but DM me! We can work out a beat!

  6. 5036904
    SGMexikoshorty : Fri 14th Jan 2022 : 1 week ago

    lmk if u down to work i have free beatz

  7. 4287505
    sofae : Sun 16th Jan 2022 : 6 days ago

    DM me if you wanna work, heres some references for some of the stuff i've done;

  8. 4116942
    SignalForTrouble : Sun 16th Jan 2022 : 6 days ago

    I would like to try working on your tracks. Do you have acapellas of any of these?

  9. 4351525
    iamarktos : Tue 18th Jan 2022 : 4 days ago

    hmu on instagram! I like your style of rapping. Sounds really nice!


Posts 1 - 9 of 9

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