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  1. 3375495
    Rayvus : Mon 3rd Jan 2022 : 4 months ago

    Im an experienced singer/rapper looking for producers to expand and grow with. ill paste a link to all my socials and streaming platforms below if you take interest. feel free to dm me here or on insta if you wanna work!


  2. 5216027
    RoxyTheWolf : Mon 3rd Jan 2022 : 4 months ago

    I'm a beginner producer (with very little stuff) but I might be able to help you out...

  3. 3551571
    Morsedeck : Mon 3rd Jan 2022 : 4 months ago

    I notice that you have a bit of an island vibe. This track is a very open-style island-ish track. I have a simple chorus for you as well if you want to try it but no need if you have your own inspiration. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igk-guyKVhU either way, I can still work on promoting your new songs at no charge but you have to be consistent and be ok with working as a team. Everyone is secretly trying to leave the rest behind so collabs just disappear.

  4. 2821111
    NRNSebi : Mon 3rd Jan 2022 : 4 months ago

    Hi, my name is Sebi and im a producer, if you want to listen to my beats check them out on Spotify, Apple Music or youtube on Sebi Beatz, I want to work with you, if you like my work and want to work togheter message me on instagram @bsebi312! Hope to hear from you soon! Peace!

  5. 5342175
    cha0sbeatz : Tue 4th Jan 2022 : 4 months ago

    Hey, I'm a producer from South Africa. I have about 8 years of experience and I'm open to linking up and collaborating. I mainly focus on RnB, Trap and Drill, but I have experience with several other genres.
    You can find me on all socials @cha0sbeatz

  6. 1452680
    cafe06 : Thu 6th Jan 2022 : 4 months ago

    Rayvus, just checked out your music.
    Pretty impressed. Keep it up!

  7. 3644231
    ARK4 : Fri 7th Jan 2022 : 4 months ago

    hi, we're Phantom Dreamerz. we mainly focus on rnb,hip hop, background music, trap and type beats. feel free to see our work on Youtube, apple music and spotify. just hit me up if you're interested.

  8. 5109407
    shimanzu : Fri 7th Jan 2022 : 4 months ago

    My youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBj-XJGu3JkWLjqFKfdvcKw
    Contact me on IG if you're interested: https://www.instagram.com/shimanzu.beats/

  9. 3617983
    DwayLocos : Sat 8th Jan 2022 : 4 months ago

    Check my last beat tape:

  10. 2734318
    DomisAkaDousee : Sat 8th Jan 2022 : 4 months ago

    Hey bro, I've been working for 3 years and I work with a few other people, if u are interested message me on IG @douseebeats or on soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/dousee-520993729

  11. 5337005
    honkksu : Sat 8th Jan 2022 : 4 months ago

    I've been making beats about a year now. I would be excited to work with other people in the business. Here's my soundcloud go check it out and contact me via email (in bio) or on IG @honkksu

  12. 3212258
    Energyraphi : Sun 9th Jan 2022 : 4 months ago

    Hey! I can make beats in any genre, I can produce you.
    Listen to my old tracks

  13. 974943
  14. 3440360
    FrenchSummerBreeze : Thu 27th Jan 2022 : 3 months ago

    Making an Ep beatape
    Need rapper

  15. 5083005
    SuperNovaJuno : Fri 28th Jan 2022 : 3 months ago

    Im down. Check out my youtube for insight https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGHosnK2wLdDxsBxrzWkCow

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