Ill PRODUCE A Song For You Totally FREE With Only One Condition

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  1. 4728106
    Arggot123 : Wed 22nd Dec 2021 : 5 months ago

    I will produce a song for any singer for free, totally free, but only one condition, if you publish it social platforms or anywhere commercially my name also has to appear in tittle or as producer/feat. An example of this would be like in "Waiting" by KUURO, Bianca; Bianca is the singer and KUURO the PROD. The only genres I produce are the following; POP, Dark Pop, Dance/Electronic, Alternative Indie. IF you agree to all the following hit me up on instagram or twitter as: (arggot_) Thanks!

  2. 5199141
    atomicJM : Wed 26th Jan 2022 : 3 months ago

    Yo whats good bro I have once worked with you then you said well ima stop working but just to let you know Ive finished it and the song is so good just dont quit on the next guy ok bro

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