Need A Pop Melody

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  1. 3492201
    BigEge : Tue 7th Dec 2021 : 1 month ago

    I'm trying to make a pop/bedroom pop/pop trap beat but I'm struggling with the melody. If you have some advice or want to collab hit me up.

  2. 730222
    beatsandloops : Tue 7th Dec 2021 : 1 month ago

    A rule i didnt know.

    Music theory sometimes can help.

  3. 4125067
    bringerofDOOM : Wed 8th Dec 2021 : 1 month ago

    Find a nursery rhyme, remove, add, or change one note in the phrase... pop melody.

    You think I'm joking but actually try it. It will help your writer's block.

  4. 5221544
    AtticElla : Thu 9th Dec 2021 : 1 month ago

    Something that works for me at times, tap a key on your daw's piano roll in any rhythm you want. You can even follow a reference track and just tap a rhythm like it was a drum. After you think you have enough notes, like a bar or two, move the notes up and down randomly but in key. You can come up with some nice melodies that way after you play with it for a while and adjust to taste.

Posts 1 - 4 of 4

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