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  1. 2689573
    PDogg69 : Fri 3rd Dec 2021 : 1 month ago

    yo all upcoming rap artists (drill, south, oldschool, i dont give a shit as long as is real)

    hit me with links to your stems or DM 4 imessage/ email n we can work

    i prefer to engineer but depending on your skillset & motivation i'm ready 2 produce also

    feature parts only when you're really with that conscious shit / when your delivery slaps the shit out of any opp

    one love 4L c yall in heaven !

  2. 2397603
    RetroMiami : Sat 4th Dec 2021 : 1 month ago

    hey I ust wanted to hit you up as a motivated person to work!!
    i make hits and nothing but hits and im down to have o mix or produce. heres a link and you can judge me off that

    also my ig is @retro2boujee

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