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  1. 1305180
    IGNTxHURRICANE : Wed 1st Dec 2021 : 6 months ago

    lookin for someone to do several pieces of cover art, will pay

    drop yalls IGs in the comments

  2. 4153242
    MMLTBeats : Wed 1st Dec 2021 : 6 months ago

    I can do it. The only thing is that I'm not on Instagram.

  3. 3575071
    BraskoSama : Fri 3rd Dec 2021 : 6 months ago


  4. 2811812
    imparasyte : Fri 3rd Dec 2021 : 6 months ago

    Can try to create some stuff too if you want bro

  5. 4921851
    Moab45 : Fri 3rd Dec 2021 : 6 months ago

    I am a 3D Artist job wise, send me a mail or a message on IG: tarik_1601

  6. 4267623
    annablaze : Fri 3rd Dec 2021 : 6 months ago

    none of my art is really on IG but if you dm me there (tell me that youre from this site in the message) I can send you some of my work or if you tell me what youre looking for I can tell you if its something I can do and then we can work out the cost! im willing to work with many budgets depending on complexity/amount/due date, and if money is tight I have lots of affiliate codes for money apps that pay you to sign up, and a few sites where your total is split into 4 (or more) parts, paid every other week and I even know some great apps for things like secret shopping (one app I know of, if you can go in-store to complete the tasks you could easily earn $50-100 in just a few weeks... but I digress...)

    I have a lot of digital art experience in a lot of different styles, and I can make just about anything you ask pretty easily!

    also, if youre looking for photo editing instead of digital art like digital drawings/paintings- im excellent at FaceTune (anything from just basic photo retouching, all the way to snatched body Instagram THOT), and PicsArt (which is great for things like photo/sticker collages, replacing backgrounds with patterns, overlays, typography, filters... honestly if you just google image "picsart album art" I can pretty ,much do anything thats shown, but much better, same with anything that would show up under "picsart aesthetic edit"!). I also have the paid version of both of these apps, as well as of procreate which is the digital art app I use.... we could also blend the two options and do something that is both a photo edit and also Digital art... I can show you some examples via dm.

    If you dont want to use your own pictures and you have a model, but would like to use a picture of someone (just a portrait/selfie, or something more risqu), I'd be more than happy to either sell you a picture ive already either taken or has been taken of me professionally (I am a model by trade, and have also been in *ahem* adult videos - feel free to look me up if youre of age- ) or to take custom videos if you have a specific vibe or look youre looking for-

    anyway, no matter what youre looking for, I have years of experience and can create high quality album art for any aesthetic, genre or vibe youre looking for! I cant wait to work with you!

  7. 5060770
    24Erik : Sat 4th Dec 2021 : 6 months ago

    @ljubavdesign if you fw my designs hmu

  8. 4328464
  9. 4262442
    krotan : Sun 5th Dec 2021 : 6 months ago

    I can stylize your cover photo ... not IGs.

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