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    SANDYMBEATS : Mon 29th Nov 2021 : 5 months ago

    Hello fellow loopermens, Small upcoming hopeful producer sandy here just stopping bye this forum looking for yep you guessed it knowledge! Ive already gone through the slow painstaking years of figuring out how to utilize daws, plugins, (ect any type of software), music theory, sound design, just about anything to get out that melody I have going through my head. And have found as though I have reached a sort of standstill. I have worked with artists in my area to little or no prevail, Sold a couple beats on insta, was told more than a couple times "shit bro this loop is gas". And I suppose my question is. As a producer, how does one go about penetrating this oversaturated medium. What am I doing wrong. How do I get my stuff out there?

  2. 1259162
    Wontolla : Mon 29th Nov 2021 : 5 months ago

    Do something no one else is doing, or build up a unique image people like, or get big on other sites (tiktok/insta/twitch/etc) and use that to boost your career, network by working with a ton of people just plain hustle and get your name out there

    Honestly if there was just one answer that worked for everyone, everyone would be doing it

  3. 1744206
    ouhcosmo : Mon 29th Nov 2021 : 5 months ago

    Good question! I guess to start things off, you're not alone. Almost, if not all, producers go through this stage, myself included. I too have gone through the tedious process of perfecting my craft, I,e: Perfecting my mixes, masters, taking sound design classes, expanding my fanbase, and improving on marketing. But here's some tough love, nothing is perfect. Rather than asking yourself "what am I doing wrong?", ask yourself "what am I doing right?" what are your strengths? Are your strengths production? Are they mixing? Is it your ability to market and grow your business? Pinpoint what it is your strong suit and start emphasizing that to the public. We, as producers, constantly drown ourselves in our flaws. We always look up to other producers and ask ourselves, "why am I not this good?" "How did he/she make this beat perfect?" But keep in mind, even to them, it's not perfect. Once I learned what I was good at, I learned what I was bad at. For example, I'm aware that I can make solid drum beats and I know I have a great eye for digital design. So that being said, I now know that I can improve on loops rather than drums, and I know I can improve on expanding my socials rather so they can see my digital artwork. Once you know your strengths, you can take a pause and look at what you are lacking. It is definitely hard nowadays to get your music to a large audience, it is more and more expensive to promote and advertise projects. For those, like myself, who aren't as financially privileged, we have to look at other directions to create a real fanbase. Another key component is confidence. I see this all the time: Someone will tell me they're a producer, then I'll scope their socials and see little to no music available. Whether you believe you are bad or good, you should always put your music out there. Believe it or not, your worst beat might be someone's favorite. I cannot stress this enough, having just a few people see your beats on insta is better than no one seeing them at all. You should have a whole catalog of music available to the general public. Remember the public can be seen as potential clients, so you're only hurting yourself if you hide from them.

    Hope this helps!

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    bringerofDOOM : Tue 30th Nov 2021 : 5 months ago

    Make some art. Don't write to please. Try saying "screw the audience" and see what happens.

    Don't get me wrong, I still love and appreciate listeners, but I take risks they may not like because they don't even know that they like it if they haven't heard it yet. And sometimes I fail, but boo hoo, it's a drop in an ocean.

    So, write some stuff for you. If it is good art, people will be drawn to it. The market is oversaturated because making generic beats has become too easy. Only the best are really getting paid, the rest are just "aiming to please," usually to no avail, and usually directly copying the top sellers.

    I say if you know all that stuff, you should be able to score a film. If you are a multi-instrumentalist, find a way to play live. It sounds like you may have restricted your talents to a particular category. Sound like you need to get out of the "comfort zone."

    Just food for thought. A producer is ultimately a musician/composer, regardless of the medium used, and that expands far beyond making beats.

    Feel free to ignore, just my two cents :D

  5. 4125067
    bringerofDOOM : Tue 30th Nov 2021 : 5 months ago

    Also, there's always formal education. Don't knock it till you try it.

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