Limit The Number Of Loops Posted To One Or Two Per Day Per User

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  1. 2238925
    WeDoDem : Sun 7th Nov 2021 : 7 months ago

    I'm a rather long time user of Looperman; I registered 4 years ago, and I posted my first loop about 3 years ago.

    So, I've been lucky enough to witness the evolution of the platform, for the positive as well as for the negative aspects - for example, with the switch from free uploads to uploads with prior validation. If I think it was a drawback in a way, I think that this change should be accompanied by limitations, i.e. by imposing a limit of one or two loops per day for each user.

    The point of this would be to reduce the flood on the front page. Typically, for a few weeks now, I've been seeing a dozen -or more- loops from the same user on the front page, with very few downloads (this is not a post with a criticism, but when I see that one user alone represents around 1.2% of all loops posted on the platform, I wonder if something shouldn't be done at some point. I'm not pointing out the user, but a mechanism of the platform which can be abused).

    And it's quite a shame, because the direct consequence is that you often have to go digging on several pages to finally find a decent loop. This not only reduces someone's work, but it can also make people reluctant to post new loops. Cause let's be real: the first page often has two or three times more downloads than the following ones. (Or, perhaps a random mechanism should be introduced that would make a certain number of random chosen loops posted on the same day appear on the front page?)

    I find this aberrant, especially when you know that it is now possible to optimize your placement. I have the feeling that someone who would upload a dozen loops according to a precise schedule could possibly monopolize the first page...

    What are your thoughts on this suggestion?

  2. 851137
    crucethus : Mon 8th Nov 2021 : 7 months ago

    1. Use the filter function if u need a specific style loop. 2. Just because you dont like a particular loop or see massive downloads doesn't mean everyone else hates it as well. (music is subjective). 3. If you dont like the free loops that this community and the people who are a part of it who may be on different musical levels at the time of posting, and the small inconveniences that arise in hunting for the loops YOU find acceptable, maybe you should go pay for a professional pack then? Otherwise enjoy the free stuff. Also, 4 years is not a long-time user. And the system that Shane set up all those years before you came along seems to work just fine, and I reckon he won't be changing it anytime soon.

  3. 2238925
    WeDoDem : Mon 8th Nov 2021 : 7 months ago

    I understand that you might disagree with my opinion, but there's no reason to be agressive. I am just pointing out the -unfortunate- bias towards quantity rather than quality.

    To give you an answer point by point:
    1. I am pointing out the current "daily" system, not the platform overall.
    2. It's not really a matter of number of downloads, but of number of uploads. Uploading tons of loops at the same time might result in a negative experience for users posting their loops on the same day.
    3. Well, I do participate to the free loops uploaded by this community. I don't really get how your point is relevant. It's not about whether I like it or not. That's why I am asking for others users opinions. Moreover, it's not because something is free that you can't propose improvements.
    4. Worked so well that it had to change a few times over the last few years. While it is undoubtedly working, it does not means that the system can not be abused.

  4. 851137
    crucethus : Mon 8th Nov 2021 : 7 months ago

    Dsol pour mon attitude de merde envers vous. But looking at your profile and the fact that you have never commented on a song here, and have never posted a song here in your 4 long years, but have made some loops, but not really commented on too many loops, and seem to want to promote your soundcloud BS while using this site and on your profile you state you are waiting for a subsidy from the government leads me to believe that all you want is the site to be tilted in your favour for your Quality loops over those you deem unworthy, thus driving the crowds to your SoundCloud page. daccord? So I generally will stick up for the amateur and not the user. nothing personal

  5. 2238925
    WeDoDem : Mon 8th Nov 2021 : 7 months ago

    Well, unfortunately, I am not a very active user of the community as -like most users- I am sticking to loops rather than songs, softwares or accapellas. I do follow (or followed) a few users suchas Minor2Go (amongst others).

    Moreover, I don't really see your point by mentionning that I am waiting for subsidiary from the government. But heh, falling for such an obvious troll is pretty amazing. Is it that you don't deem worthy people who don't have a real job giving their opinion? (;

    And yeah, Looperman became over the years part of the promotion landscape. Both loop uploaders and commenters use the platform as a promotion vector. How many loops has the "contact me on instagram for part 2"?
    However, it's not really that much about me, I'm just doing a beat or two per weekend at most. It's also not about what I am judging as 'quality', but about the diversity of the loops uploaded. When the ten first loops are posted by the same user, I believe it's fair to admit that there is a lack of diversity.

    That said, I respect your opinion and your vision of the platform.

  6. 851137
    crucethus : Mon 8th Nov 2021 : 7 months ago

    Tabarnak! Is it that you don't deem worthy people who don't have a real job giving their opinion?" No....Its when someone posts about it in a profile as if its a virtue that makes me question some things about a person's character (whether true or not). I am all for helping people with assistance when they need it and gladly pay my taxes to support it, but it sure will rub many people the wrong way if they are seeing something like that posted. Literally fuel for the Conservative bunches in North America and Europe of which I am not apart. All I am saying is maybe that information should be discreet. That being said, I appreciate the fact that you are trying to actively promote your material. This site though was not intended to be a promotional vehicle, and many really, really good musicians (from many other genres ) have left the site in frustration over that issue. That being said at the end of the day this site is set up to make money, and to make that money requires a large number of new loops to be added. It is the engine that drives this site. So I think that things will not change on that front in the near future. I get your opinion and appreciate that you understand mine. The more loops loaded the less chance that you will be seen on the front page by others browsing thus diminishing your overall other site marketing strategy. I dont mean too enculer les mouches over your points. I will say your English is very advanced.
    Bon Chance, avec votre musique!

  7. 4153242
    MMLTBeats : Mon 8th Nov 2021 : 7 months ago

    I understand your frustration, but let me offer you a constructive solution: If you use the filter to search for loops, based on what you're already working on, you will almost always find something useful. (Genre, Key, and Tempo works like a charm.) It wouldn't be wise for Looperman to limit the number of uploads, because some producers are more prolific than others. Competition is fierce on here. To distinguish yourself, you have to consistently deliver quality content.

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