Small Criticisms-please Dont Get Me Banned

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  1. 3048209
    LilChiTownKid3 : Fri 5th Nov 2021 : 6 months ago

    I don't want to be negative or sound like an a-hole, trust me, but do any of you think that a lot of the acapellas posted on this site are a bit corny? I make beats and I've never been able to use any of the acapellas cuz its all about drugs and money and girls you broke up with. Not only that but a few of you haven't mastered autotune yet. Some not even close. When you mix soulless lyrics with bad tuning it gets pretty unbearable. I'm not saying it ALL sounds bad but has anyone tried writing about unique personal experiences? Like, something with some soul, not just what you think people wanna hear? Once again no offense, I'm just numbed by all the drug mumble and uncreativeness. With all that said keep working hard, don't stop on account of my comments, and most of all, enjoy yourselves.

  2. 2777144
    wdu : Fri 5th Nov 2021 : 6 months ago

    cant you pitch correct it yourself

  3. 4921914
    TomGee74 : Fri 5th Nov 2021 : 6 months ago

    Id like a free formula one motor, the free motors lying about just arent very desirable. I promise not to sell it, if you give me a free porche. just stick not for commercial release on the label. That way i just use it for having some personal fun.

  4. 3048209
    LilChiTownKid3 : Sat 6th Nov 2021 : 6 months ago

    i can only pitch correct something so much. Some of these acapellas need professional help and im not a pro at it yet

  5. 5221544
    AtticElla : Sun 7th Nov 2021 : 6 months ago

    LilChiTownKid3 I have to agree with the guys here that free acapellas are not perfect. But if you get creative you won't believe how many of them don't look appealing at first but dropped with the right mix and a little work they shine. Even sometimes the imperfections surprise you with some quirky and nice effects. Download the stuff, experiment, don't judge right away and you might find what you need.

  6. 4628389
    jandek : Sun 7th Nov 2021 : 6 months ago

    I have to agree with AtticElla here most acapellas dont outright shine on their own. Take a gamble, download stuff and play around with it. You will surprise yourself with how much a previously unimpressive vocal can come alive once you add a little beat, melody, and effects.

    That being said, there are some really stellar acapellas here if you look hard enough or know where to look (ImOrdarka, Grafezzy, Sophia Cruz, Leo Valentine, and Jungle Leez acapellas Ive come across are all high quality).

  7. 730222
    beatsandloops : Mon 8th Nov 2021 : 6 months ago

    One time it happened that i found an acapella (can't remember where) that suited my track with the right voice good flow smart lyrics, just had to fix the flow to my tempo. Still looking for another one, but i might have to ask for an exclusive track from someone i like the voice.

  8. 2232567
    aquabuffet : Mon 8th Nov 2021 : 6 months ago

    80% of the acapella section on this website is trash, but it's all free, so i can't really complain about it. these people are sticking their necks out by posting some of the most embarrassing stuff i've ever heard, which is commendable in its own right, i doubt any of them ever expect to actually hear from big artists who want to use their samples, so it's all fun and games for me, sometimes i just go through and roast them all with my friend when i get stumped on a song which provides some comedic relief during 5+ hour-long producing sessions

  9. 5221544
    AtticElla : Mon 8th Nov 2021 : 6 months ago

    beatsandloops unfurtunately trying to find a vocal that suits your track is more difficult than building a track to suit the vocal. Not that it's not possible but I find it easier to download something, then letting it guide you as to what goes around it. I think, you can find a nice vocal this way before you can even find a vocalist to agree to collab with you (unless you get lucky) or pay someone to do it which is not an option for most people that hang here, who create just for fun. Using free vocals is like an art all in itself, but one you get better at with practice.

  10. 730222
    beatsandloops : Mon 8th Nov 2021 : 6 months ago

    your right but if go into details i'll be complaining when im just glad that these voices are available if i need any.

  11. 2371546
    Sunbeats : Mon 8th Nov 2021 : 6 months ago

    @AtticElla, I agree with your comment about creating a track around a vocal. It's the best and fastest.

  12. 4153242
    MMLTBeats : Mon 8th Nov 2021 : 6 months ago

    I haven't been able to find any a capellas on here to go with what I'm working on. But I recommend that you find a vocal pack instead. They come already mixed. You just have to know what key your track is in. Also, don't be afraid to use the relative minor, because it will work. (For example, an a minor a capella with a c major instrumental will still fit.)

  13. 2485437
    MattMili : Tue 9th Nov 2021 : 6 months ago

    I dont use looperman for acapellas per say, although i use vocal chops and samples quite frequently. My angle on it is that the purpose of a 'sample' is to be flipped. On its own is good but there are so many unique ways to make a sample your own. chops, pitch correction, effects. no one sample is useless it can be turned into almost anything.

  14. 1259162
    Wontolla : Tue 9th Nov 2021 : 6 months ago

    Plain and simple, you get what you pay for.

  15. 243518
    sterixx : Wed 10th Nov 2021 : 6 months ago

    LilChiTownKid3, You're not that wrong. But what are we actually talking about here? I think first and foremost music should be fun.

    There are some artists here who publish seriously great acapellas. The quality and content are really great in my opinion.

    To name a few Nepaul, Halfknot, Richieskies.

    Cheers Frank :)

  16. 5175313
    Raven80 : Wed 10th Nov 2021 : 6 months ago

    I've ran across some like PatriciaEdwards and hers is outstanding! I'm trying to be like her and Beyonce and Rihanna.
    They're hot!! All 3 girls have talent rising!!

  17. 691199
    Modnex : Wed 10th Nov 2021 : 6 months ago

    When you're getting something for free, what do you expect? Every single person who uploads loops and acapellas on here knows that there is a huge chance people will make money off of it and not give them a single dime or even credit for that matter. Yet, they are still nice enough to upload it anyway. You're probably never going to find Acapella's on here or any site for that matter that has someone talking about their personal life experiences or anything deep. Why would anyone invest that much time and effort into something that they're giving away for free? Those types of Acapella's are meant for personal albums and heartfelt songs. Not a website where anyone can do whatever they please with it and claim it as their own.

    The Acapella's you'll find on sites like these are usually categorized as JunkPellas, aka Acapella's that artists don't mind parting with because they don't care for it or were going to delete it any way.

  18. 5175313
    Raven80 : Wed 10th Nov 2021 : 6 months ago

    Modenex I agree to everything except for I will upload my best songs. But I keep my best takes to myself and for a professional RNB/Pop or EDM trendy musician to dress up later.

  19. 5175313
    Raven80 : Wed 10th Nov 2021 : 6 months ago

    Modenex I value artists like Rihanna and Pink because I grew up and could relate to those kind of artists. But nobody can really claim something on here as totally their own. I have had other sites where my stuff was stolen but sorted out. I won before they could have a lawsuit because when you upload something it's already with a date.

  20. 691199
    Modnex : Thu 11th Nov 2021 : 6 months ago

    Raven, the thing about an art-sharing community such as this one is people like to take advantage. There will always be people out there who will claim stuff as their own simply because they can. When I say "claim it", I don't mean legally. The truth is, most of the thieves you come across won't make copyright claims. They'll just steal it, rebrand it, and attempt to sell it as their own. This helps them stay under the radar with the original artist and makes it easier for them to get away with it. If you find out about it, you can fight it, but you have to find out about it first.

  21. 1475378
    RyanCali : Thu 11th Nov 2021 : 6 months ago

    I would like to think that I got some pretty good sounding acapellas. Check me out. Just started uploading. Will upload more in the future. My lyrics have a pretty wide range. If you are looking for an Acapella where the lyrics have some meaning you might like my Acapella "This Road". Best regards, Ryan

  22. 4905560
    FrankYola : Tue 16th Nov 2021 : 6 months ago

    If anyone is looking for solid hip-hop acapellas, check mine out. All types of songs, subject matter and BPMs.

  23. 3235990
    randalld : Sat 20th Nov 2021 : 6 months ago

    almost all my acapellas are bottom tier however I've always posted stuff that I'll never use, songs I know I'll never release and stuff that's fun to make when messed up. I've never looked at it through your pov but I can defiantly see where you're coming from. I see the acapella section as a last resort for song making as it seems to be the same rotation of artists, not that its a bad thing but it gets old after awhile.

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