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  1. 1200388
    Ghostly : Thu 28th Oct 2021 : 7 months ago

    Yo Whats Poppin Im looking for some Nice Artists That Can Rap On This Beat I Made Called "High Moments" And I Feel Like Sombody Out There With Some Bars Can For Sure Wreck It, But Not Only Just That Beat I Have Others If You Wanna Collab On Some Cool Shit HMU Im Always Available 27/9 So If You Ready LMK!!!!

  2. 4713123
    FamousSeamus : Thu 28th Oct 2021 : 7 months ago

    not that beat but lets work on another hit me up insta @officialfamousseamus

  3. 5175313
    Raven80 : Mon 1st Nov 2021 : 6 months ago

    I am looking for a semi pro or pro but got hell on it on my music vocals page.
    I am too good and hard worker just for slack and deserve to shine like anybody else without anybody tellin' otherwise.
    I'm tired of amateurs or intermediate telling me how
    my vocals are and to quit or just won't put any or hardly effort out as I do.
    I took about 100 takes for each song and it has cost polyps
    finally after overuse.
    I need to rest each time and singing quality has disminished.
    But I keep resting and keeping going.
    Anybody got an email that will contact me?

Posts 1 - 3 of 3

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