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  1. 2477700
    DeWizDidThis : Thu 30th Sep 2021 : 8 months ago

    I know I don't usually post but I truly feel like I need a second opinion on my mixing and mastering. I recently put out a beattape on SoundCloud and I think the mixing is ok, but I know it could be better.

    The track I'm the most curious about is the Sojourner track attached in the link below;


    Any opinions on the mix would be greatly appreciated

  2. 3876155
    JayDusa : Thu 30th Sep 2021 : 8 months ago

    Its not the worst mix but could use a few thing

    (1) I would use reverb on the melody and some dynamic eqing to bring those high up is a little muddy
    (2) Bring that bass up higher I can barley hear it , you should be able to feel the bass not just hear it sounds to low and don't cut the highs of the bass completely just lower them
    (3) Also the same could be said about the kick doesn't sound like it has any low/bass end you can just hear it rather than feel it
    (4) your leveling isn't bad I would turn the piano a bit down and use saturation and reverb to bring that warmth to it, ( same for the bass and kick use saturation also)
    (5) Also in the start you should eq those click out in the melody I can hear it hear thought the track,
    (6) You should eq the voice / singing in the background as an ear candy, so reverb and some basic eqing and bring some of the highs up from it too.

    Not to bad though just minor stuff bro.. The song itself was pretty good bro

  3. 3876155
    JayDusa : Thu 30th Sep 2021 : 8 months ago

    Best tip I could give is to listen to some music of you favorite artists or even songs from the top 100 and listen to the mix of the beat and structure, ignore the vocals and listen to the beat itself and compare it your mix

  4. 2477700
    DeWizDidThis : Thu 30th Sep 2021 : 8 months ago

    Thanks bro, I'ma try to remix it with your reccommendations in mind. I notice that I cut a lot out of my mixdown when EQing for fear of the sounds becoming harsh when I'm mastering.

  5. 3876155
    JayDusa : Fri 1st Oct 2021 : 7 months ago

    Yea bro I use to do the same thing, What works for me is those harsh frequencies or even just certain sounds in the melody you don't like you should never just cut them out. One tip also is , when EQing you should bring the band up all the way up and move it around the EQ and pin point exactly what sound bad and what you dont want and just put the band right on it just lower it. Also learn about gain staging if you haven't , best thing is to watch youtube videos and learn stuff little by little bro.

  6. 4767662
    JahelProd : Fri 1st Oct 2021 : 7 months ago

    I second JayDusa's opinion, your track is hard asf already so if you make those adjustments it'd be completely perfectly.
    side note: that piano pattern at 2:32 is lovely bro

  7. 2477700
    DeWizDidThis : Fri 1st Oct 2021 : 7 months ago

    Thank you Jahel, I really appreciate it. I'll definetely mix this beat down again.

  8. 4125067
    bringerofDOOM : Fri 1st Oct 2021 : 7 months ago

    Hey man, I'm fixing mixes for folks (done 2 so far), if you are willing to get me stems I will deep dive and take a look in my DAW. Up to you of course, just message me if so.

    I will render a new MP3 and give you a description of what changed, as well as new updated stems to put back in ur DAW.

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