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Retro And Lo-Fi Producer Looking To Produce

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  1. 2409402
    Magscorch : Wed 29th Sep 2021 : 3 weeks ago

    Hey all, I produce synthwave and retro 80's aesthetics, whether it be Dark Synth, Outrun, Synthwave, or just plain Vaporwave, I'm your guy if you need any retro, synth heavy pieces. If interested, I have a Soundcloud which I can show examples of my work. I would love to produce some heavy synth for someone's lyrics, make a few loops for someone, or just make a song to someone's liking.

  2. 559004
    MsgxStudios : Thu 21st Oct 2021 : 9 hours ago

    I am interested in seeing what u got.

  3. 4570767
    Juliaz : Thu 21st Oct 2021 : 54 minutes ago

    I am a singer songwriter and would love to work!!

Posts 1 - 3 of 3

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