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If Youre Hungry Eat A Banana

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  1. 2191535
    BananaLu : Mon 27th Sep 2021 : 2 weeks ago

    Hey i just want so say hello,

    I'm 4 years a member of this community. Used so many loops and it helped me alot to find myself as an artist. I'm just a honest banana who wants to spread love and dont understand hate. Life is hard and music is the only thing i love, my only communication to the outside world. Im half german half phillipino and i love hula hula. Somtimes people throw shade on me, but im a warrior of the sound. I give a fck about my life but music is the only thing i care. I travel alot and looking for other warriors of the sun, childreen of Bob Marley, spreaders of love. I put myself out and tell everything about my life in my tracks, people get annoyed by that because this is not Pop music. I'm a real human beeing and not a commercial product. I dont have a house, a car, big titty girlfriend and even not enough food. I'm scum but i'm proud of my life. Lots of people think im corny, but im just a honest banana. I want to show people that you can have a good life even if you are mentally retarded and have no money,no perspectives in life. Feed your head with positves vibes and love from a honest banana

  2. 841435
    ValveDriver : Tue 28th Sep 2021 : 2 weeks ago

    Well, I've been here at Looperman since 2012, and I have found that for the most part, everyone here accepts everyone else for exactly who they are. We are ALL about the music here. Whether it's corny, pop, trap, metal, industrial..or even some kind of way out there weird shit. I think, bottom line, we all came here to be around others that are just like us. It's been said several times around here, "we are like a big-ass family". I don't think you'll find too much shade being thrown here. Not only because Mr. Looperman himself doesn't put up with it, but mainly, because we as a community doesn't put up with it. We all have a common goal, man. The music.

  3. 2191535
    BananaLu : Wed 29th Sep 2021 : 2 weeks ago

    Thank you V, i really feel good here in looperman and all the people here listen to what a human is creating. I can listen to more raw alternative music and this gives me a feeling that im not alone with my view on music. I worked the last years in different band project and somtimes the outside world doesnt understand me or i didnt communicate in the right way. The shade is not here. But i go out to different cities in eu and try to find other warriors, but mostly people in my age dream of plastic and i get sad. Since january i dont have a band anymoore and try to be a solo artist. I need help and i find help in this community. I'm so thankfull for all the loops.

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