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I Will Fix Your Mix

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  1. 4125067
    bringerofDOOM : Sat 25th Sep 2021 : 3 weeks ago

    Got a crap mix? I will fix it the best I can. This is all for fun, so the only payment I ask for is politeness... let me know.

  2. 4597371
    MrAxel : Sun 26th Sep 2021 : 3 weeks ago

    I just wanted to take the time to personally endorse you. You do great-sounding music there man. People needing help should take up your generous offer. The only problem is these types of offers appear quite often in the forums by others. Good Luck!

  3. 4125067
    bringerofDOOM : Mon 27th Sep 2021 : 3 weeks ago

    Thanks for the kind endorsement.

    A couple nice members have hit me up already, one that had a project since 2014 put didn't want to release it due to the mix (maybe now he will).

    If someone does not have access to the forums, they can message me direct.

  4. 2191535
    BananaLu : Mon 27th Sep 2021 : 2 weeks ago

    Got an email today, im now allowed in this forum. 1st order is to write in your thread.
    I like your mixing style. Its very down to earth and clear. I would love to work with you. My home production is crab, full of bs like me. Maybe you can help. How can i send you my stuff? Love from a banana

  5. 4125067
    bringerofDOOM : Fri 1st Oct 2021 : 2 weeks ago

    Best way to do it is with a shareable file like onedrive or google drive. Message me direct and I will line you out, happy to help.

  6. 2422944
    yUnGm0bbizhnigguh : Tue 5th Oct 2021 : 1 week ago

    i would love to send you something, how can i contact you?

  7. 4125067
    bringerofDOOM : Thu 7th Oct 2021 : 1 week ago

    You can message me through my profile.

  8. 5155654
    44Caliiber : Thu 7th Oct 2021 : 1 week ago

    You got a DM!

  9. 4125067
    bringerofDOOM : Fri 8th Oct 2021 : 1 week ago

    Well, I've helped a few folks so far. Couple things:

    I haven't uploaded any loops, so I don't know much. If you're trying to upload looks, you should read this:

    Also, they are manually filtered, and backed up for months due to thousands of submissions... as far as I know.

    If you want help with your mix, have a sharable MP3 of the song, or a sharable folder available so you can copy a link and DM me. If I have stems I can give you more accurate feedback after dropping them in my DAW.

    Also, I can't instantly respond to messages. It may be few days, this is getting a little popular... I mean, it's not like ur payin me :)

  10. 4125067
    bringerofDOOM : Fri 8th Oct 2021 : 1 week ago

    correction "trying to upload loops" not "looks"

  11. 4125067
    bringerofDOOM : Sat 9th Oct 2021 : 1 week ago

    I appreciate the politeness of all of those that have asked for help, and I am flattered that folks think I am worthy to give it. I don't appreciate the SPAM, but hey, I knew what I signed up for.

    Here are a couple trends I have observed:

    Tracks are often way too loud. "Normalize" to somewhere between -18 and -6 DB and the math should play out to where the master is not above 0 DB (unless you have like 30+ tracks all equal volume). The clipping due to DB above 0 has been killing perfectly good content.

    Make sure the reverb or sustain tail of the kick finishes before the next kick starts, otherwise it will sound like muddled thunder, instead of distinct drum strikes.

    Unless you want to showcase a specific effect, I would use FX like seasoning. Reverb/Delay that is only noticeable once missing, hints of saturation, side-chained compression on the kick that gives a bounce you can barely hear, etc.

    Mix in mono. That doesn't mean hit the "mono" button. Two identical stereo signals equal in volume and panning in each ear is the equivalent to mono. You could also walk around the speakers. Just save spatial FX and panning for last; make sure the instruments are all discernable without any spatial reliance.

    Line up the transients. Make sure your tracks are properly aligned. Try to use your ears not your eyes, once the tedious work is done. I'm pretty good on a couple instruments, but I still have to tidy up in post. Sometimes it sounds better a few ms behind or in front of the beat; sometimes it should swing, if so, all instruments should have the same swing value.

    Find good recordings. The better the sound, the less you have to do to "fix" it.

    Obviously these are not rules, there are no rules, just short cuts, cheat codes if you will. Anyway, try this stuff first if you are new at this, and best of luck. I welcome any other tips from you seasoned members, it will save me some work :3

  12. 4125067
    bringerofDOOM : Thu 14th Oct 2021 : 3 days ago

    I'm amazed how many have asked for help. I'm also amazed at how many people don't have access to the forums. If not, read this:

    Also, I won't give you my email right off the bat, so don't ask (have to be blunt about this). When you send me a link, make sure I am an "editor" and it does not require an access request (otherwise I have to give up my email before you do... this is phishing 101 folks).

    Eventually I will have an email specifically for music, I'm just not ready to take on that much SPAM yet :/

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