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    prodcrankly : Wed 15th Sep 2021 : 8 months ago

    I wanted to start a little collective and decided to post on these forums. It's not organized yet and I literally just started making it. There isn't an age requirement. All you have to do is be able to make good music. Help developing the collective is also welcomed.

    * Currently the only member
    * Producer/Artist/Engineer group
    * Release projects whether that be with or without vocals
    * Possibly uploading beats/tutorials/loop packs to YouTube and sending beat packs out to artist

    CACHETERROR Social Media

    If you're interested you can contact me on any of the socials listed below or comment on this thread. Please have some place with your work available for me to listen to as I will want to hear it.
    Discord- Cory#9277

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    Uon : Fri 17th Sep 2021 : 8 months ago

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    BUFFAL0420 : Fri 17th Sep 2021 : 8 months ago

    Im down

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