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Developing Collaborative Brand

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  1. 1440551
    2DOPE4TV : Tue 14th Sep 2021 : 5 days ago


    -collaborative brand/channel for multiple art forms
    -music, production, visual art, short film, merch, fashion, vlogging, podcasting, playlisting, poetry (under one umbrella)
    -merge artists from different creative worlds for collaborative projects
    -brand, label, company, lifestyle, aesthetic

    lmk in the comments if interested in collaborating, networking, and building an empire amongst other artists and creators.

  2. 2864463
    LizzyChoppe : Wed 15th Sep 2021 : 4 days ago

    I'm interested, my name is Lizzy and I make dubstep and weird experimental music.
    My soundcloud is
    My Discord is Lizzy Choppe#5880

    I also do visuals so I can make cover arts for the label, and generally I have a fairly creative mind.

  3. 2729113
    Uon : Fri 17th Sep 2021 : 2 days ago

    my name is Juan and I go by U on? on soundcloud. I make alt hip hop I think? I jus be rappin but a lil music groupie would be dope in openin my mind to new things..

  4. 1440551
  5. 2811812
    imparasyte : Sat 18th Sep 2021 : 1 day ago

    May I join the party too ? (try to) do some beats (Trap,Chill,Lofi, and other stuff my ears like. FL Studio Gang, Photoshop for some cover and thumbnails (I still learn about), and also was creating an Instagram account to travel and find some rappers/artist in France lmao, but for now the $$ is not here to do that :c

Posts 1 - 5 of 5

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