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Can Anyone Make An Album Cover For My Song Im Dropping

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  1. 3831900
    Facciothebeatmaker : Sat 11th Sep 2021 : 1 week ago

    I unfortunately won't be able to pay anything for it, but I'm really just looking for something abstract & simple & pleasing to look at as I'm putting a lofi song on Spotify.
    If my song ever takes off (gets more than 10,000 streams) i'll pay $$ to the artist. Also I'll work with you for all of my cover arts.
    Lmk if you're interested!

  2. 3831900
    Facciothebeatmaker : Sat 11th Sep 2021 : 1 week ago

    Ill also shout you out on my instagram acc (@prodfaccio) if it helps

  3. 2811812
    imparasyte : Sun 12th Sep 2021 : 1 week ago

    Hey dude, I do some stuff on Photoshop maybe I can do something for ya, if you want to talk in dm for what image you want on it, or some ideas to help

  4. 3377239
    D1l1tr1um : Mon 13th Sep 2021 : 6 days ago

    Well, i could try. I do some stuff, usually has a more abstract flavor, but if you want a hand, my gmail is ariesmushion6

  5. 4188111
    Reflexking : Tue 14th Sep 2021 : 5 days ago

    i can help hitme up on ig

Posts 1 - 5 of 5

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