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Menta Looking For Artists To Feature On His Album

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  1. 2553011
    mentabeats : Wed 4th Aug 2021 : 1 month ago

    Looking For A Dope Artist to Feature on my upcoming Album! Preferably a R&B or Pop singer or Rapper.

    Serious Inquiries Only! (That means if you rap into a toaster or do not own decent equipment this isn't the right time for you) Plenty of people think mixing and mastering can save a bad recording. It won't... however I understand you.
    I've always done everything on my own, like many of you, but this will be my most important and best work yet. Nothing I have up sonically sounds close to the professional grade masters I have done for the album. That being said-- Artists featured get 50% of song stream profits and free promotion. The album will be Distributed on Apple Music, Spotify, SoundCloud, Etc-and promoted On Instagram, Tiktok and Facebook. If you're interested Contact me @ mentaboy00(at)gmail or mentabeats on instagram
    Here's my Latest released work:

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