Muse Group Acquires Audacity - Whats The Fallout From This

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    MrAxel : Sun 1st Aug 2021 : 11 months ago

    If you love Audacity I strongly recommend you download the latest free version now:

    The Muse Group now owns Audacity. They are a for-profit organisation. They have pledged to keep Audacity free forever. But forever is a mighty long time, in the words of the Artist known as Prince once said in one of his songs, RIP Prince.

    The Muse Group in principle can still keep Audacity free as promised but I expect it will be retrofitted to work with or complement their commercial product lines. I also expect that they may also require a product registration and a key code just to use it while still keeping Audacity free. A company just does not buy something and says "we will keep it the same." Why buy it in the first place? I suspect that they are going to build a new database of Audacity based users that they can later leverage for sales or something else later on most likely. This may be totally legal but sort of shifty.

    They will probably give us an Audacity grace period before we get slammed by The Muse Group with new requirements and new licenses just to use Audacity. The global footprint of Audacity is huge. So there is an incentive for The Muse Group to somehow flip Audacity gently into a cash cow all while keeping the base product of Audacity free.

    When BandLab acquired Cakewalk Sonar they said they would keep it free. And for a time, Sonar was free. Now the new owners of Sonar have decided to go back to a paid tier structure and retrofit Sonar (formerly by Cakewalk,) with BandLabs stuff. What will happen to Audacity? No one really knows so get it now for free just in case The Muse Group, the new owners of Audacity makes new requirements and changes.

    Until Tea Time, Cheers!
    Mr. Axel

    The official Press release:

    Tell me what you think?

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