11 Reasons Why I Love Looperman - Authoritative Write-up

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  1. 4995971
    Grapemaster : Sat 31st Jul 2021 : 9 months ago

    Check out the massive 3,500 word post on why Looperman is the best platform and community for loop sharing and for professional producers and beginners alike, check it out asap, let me know what you think.

  2. 1195092
    Couchie : Mon 2nd Aug 2021 : 9 months ago

    Great article. I think number 5 is my favourite reason.

    The only thing I am not sure of is.

    "This is my number one reason for why I love Looperman. The licensing is free, and it's free for commercial use as well."

    Last time I looked acapellas were not under this agreement. But it has been a while since I looked - I could be wrong.

    I also think you could add somewhere to show the original creator some courtesy by letting them know you are using their loops to make and release something.

  3. 4995971
    Grapemaster : Wed 4th Aug 2021 : 9 months ago

    Yo Couchie, I will edit the article with that feedback, that is fire. Thanks for your compliments as well, spent a good deal of hours writing that thing (like 2 days!) so thanks for taking the time to read it.

  4. 102056
    Dj4Real : Thu 5th Aug 2021 : 9 months ago

    That is a really informative and educative site/article..

  5. 102056
    Dj4Real : Thu 5th Aug 2021 : 9 months ago

    Thank you very much for the mention.. And I was beyond impressed with your article..

  6. 4995971
    Grapemaster : Sat 7th Aug 2021 : 9 months ago

    thank you man i added a link back to your profile here since you liked that. I had fun writing the article, even though it was a ton of work. I'll try and write more about the community to grow the site while i contribute loops/beats

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