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Just Wanna Check Up On The Community

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  1. 4474309
    SC4Z : Thu 15th Jul 2021 : 2 months ago

    how's everyone doing? I'd love to hear anything

  2. 4988638
    chaquixcx : Fri 16th Jul 2021 : 2 months ago

    Just recently started making loops/samples... this place is great!!

  3. 670008
    VestaJ19 : Sat 17th Jul 2021 : 2 months ago

    Its defo a great site, although the quality of uploads and content creators has fallen drastically over the years which is a shame. Alot more versatility in its golden era.

  4. 4934691
    Phyn : Tue 20th Jul 2021 : 2 months ago

    New to the site! It's pretty cool gotta say, but i do agree with @vestaJ19. Wasn't around for the golden era but the site does seem to have a dominant genre.

    Any advice to someone starting out here in regards to finding people to write with?

Posts 1 - 4 of 4

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