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Advice For Beat Makers

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  1. 2306100
    dean9211 : Mon 28th Jun 2021 : 2 months ago

    My Name is Dean , im 22 years old and from Germany.
    I started making Music in School , then went on to Ghost Produce for other People and then getting my own Studio in 2018.
    Selling your Beats is hard because there is so much Competition Online but let me tell you something first.
    The Term "Type Beat" was getting Popular at around 2012-2014.
    Now it is so popular that more People know what a Type Beat is instead of ever having heard of Snoop Dogg or Scott Storch.
    But "Type Beat" is a Marketing Term , it basically says that your Beat Sounds like some other Beats of another Beatmaker/Artist and that it has no individuality.
    Back in the Day it was used as Sort of a Genre Lead to search for Beats that Sound similar but it has gotten to a Point where everything just Sounds the same.
    Most Beatmaker dont Pursue making their own Sound anymore but rather Sounding like the Industry and it really shows.
    Amazing Beats which are really well Mixed and Structured get little to no Views.
    Since i got my Studio i got so many Beats sold for Exclusive Prices because i only sell them to People who Record at my Studio.
    An Exclusive License Online costs 150€ most of the Time but the Beat is not Exclusive to you.
    So i started selling Real Exclusive Beats for 150€ which where Handmade and People really started liking them.
    I could Structure them differently and change Sounds if they disliked a particular Part about it.
    Had a Talk a while ago with some bigger Artists and they basically said:
    There are 2 Markets at the moment , the Online Market and the Offline Market.
    If you sell your Stuff Online and Label them "Type Beats" most Offline Artists who wants something Handcrafted will not come to you , its not about the Skills but knowing your Worth.
    Its like how Truck Companies dont need to Advertise their Brakes on their Trucks because other big Companies allready know.
    They dont Label them "really good Brakes" so you shouldnt Label your Beats "yea that famous rapper would totally rap on that".
    In the End its up to you how you Market and sell your Beats all i can talk about is how i make my Money yearly from only Producing for Artists i really like and pouring my Heart into that Production because i really love making Music and i only wanted to live off of it so i could make more Music.
    If you want my Advise:
    Just get an Studio or somewhere where you can Record People without too much Noise or Echoing and make Money with that.
    Then show them Beats that you made based on what they brought in last Time and offer to Produce for them if they like them.
    That is basically my Formula how i worked my way up.
    Some other Beatmakers i know did the same and are now in the same Position as i am.
    Its all about Patience , getting Connected and beeing friendly.
    I hope this Helps someone , if somebody needs advice shoot me a Message.

  2. 2259377
    skybxrn : Mon 28th Jun 2021 : 2 months ago

    appreciate this!

  3. 1245534
    VirginiaSlimm : Wed 30th Jun 2021 : 2 months ago

    This is a "pro-type" forum post :D
    Nice info to reflect on, thanks for sharing.
    Glad you are having success in music!

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