I Would Like To Feature On Someones Beat

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  1. 3449021
    zamashi : Sat 19th Jun 2021 : 11 months ago

    Hey guys!

    I am a amateur 'melodic' rapper who likes to rap on slow, around 140 bpm, trap / hiphop beats that are dreamy or lofi styled (please look at my song 'nimbus' or 'times change but I'm still the same' for rap style reference)

    I would like to help negotiate on a melody and bpm that would suit the style first and then I usually melodic rap on it using manual autotune and wherever I'm closet to in key I usually set the key of the beat and melodies etc to it after. Then the producer can do the drums and such and negotiable beat arrangement and they have to be decent to hopefully superb at mixing and mastering (cause I'm awful at it)and then in return I can credit the producer in the title of the song and we can put it online.

    Sorry for being fussy guys haha - I'm such a noob, please bare with me.

    Just contact me on my profile

  2. 1014014
    KneeDeepINK : Tue 22nd Jun 2021 : 11 months ago

    Ill work with you... Heres some exaples of my work


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