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Do You Need Help Or Wanna Connect With Other People

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    dean9211 : Fri 11th Jun 2021 : 4 days ago

    as my Last Post got deleted for unknown Reasons i would love to know im rewriting it again, this Time better structured.
    I have opened up a Discord Server a Year Ago to share Samples and Projects in between People but working together with them and creating something new.
    I finally decided to Open it up to others too as the People there also grew confident together and started working.
    We all have our own Lives so no one needs to be active or will get kicked im really against something like that.
    We Share Samples , Collaboration Ideas , Track Previews and Chat a bit.
    Any Genre/Vocalist/Beginner is accepted , no need to be a Multi Platinum Producer.
    If you think thats something for you, you can Write down your Discord Details below and i will add you and send you an Invite or you can click on the Link in my Bio here.
    Thanks for Reading and stay healthy , lets make some Bangers!

Posts 1 - 1 of 1

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