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    TomGee74 : Sun 6th Jun 2021 : 3 months ago

    I became ill a few years ago which has left me housebound. I reached quite low depths mentally since I was generally too ill to do any of the things I used to do. I got a daw and some software few years ago to fill in the boredom and try finding some purpose in life.

    Now im complete amateur and most of my stuff is rotten but it has served a purpose in that it relieves my depression and gives me a buzz to get out of bed again.

    Now I reiterate, I know my musical talents are rotten in comparison to most who use the site. But I have some decent software packages including Reaper DAW, Kontakt paid version the bottom tier of Komplete and whole host of vsti and in last 2 years ive become quite ok at navigating the software and creating some tunes, usually from midi sites and ive learned some basic music theory so although i cant actually play real instruments I can draw in midi files that play the virtual instruments.

    Now i generally dont have any style but enjoy all creative music

    Now if anyone wants help or just a pal to talk about creativity or maybe you just need someone to bounce ideas with or even you need a loop played in a certain instrument then feel free to say hello.
    My youtube channel that i use is

    Now i know my music is pretty average at best but im trying and im motivated and have lotta time on my hands and would like to help someone or have virual buddy wjo needs a mutual help on anything musical

    im complete amateur and not interested in money or fame

    just fun

    But it would be nice to connect with people who know more than me or are interested in music production

    I dont really use social media other than this site and youtube so if you have good places to join that sound like something that better fits my wants then feel free to share your thoughts

    best wishes Tom

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