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    Dyzyofc : Mon 31st May 2021 : 1 year ago

    Wich proccesor is better for music production AMD RYZEN 7 4700U 2,0GHz or i7-7600U with Intel HD Graphics 620 2.8 GHz, up to 3.9 GHz with Intel Turbo Boost Technology, 4 MB cache, 2 cores

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    MrAxel : Tue 1st Jun 2021 : 1 year ago

    The Intel i7-7600U is trash. Don't buy that garbage. On the surface, it might sound faster but with its four cores and not two, it brings up memories of Windows XP systems. The Intel i7-7600U is more appropriate for a student with enough power to satisfy most student requirements. Four core CPUs could mean bottlenecks for musicians and music producers even if it was a 4.0 GHz CPU with an overclock to 6.0 GHz. You could never use all of that power or even benefit from having such a troublesome bottleneck seeing how most DAWs are resource-intensive hungry and in some cases all of a sudden without any warning.

    The AMD RYZEN 7 4700U has eight cores and not four and can handle the demand. Even with its slightly lower speedcore rating, its overall benchmark speed is faster because of its eight-core and its larger L2 and L3 Cache size. L2 Cache on the AMD RYZEN 7 4700U is 4MB, not really great but the Intel i7-7600U is far worse at only 0.5MB L2. The L2 is what is built into each CPU and cannot be changed unless you buy a newer CPU again. The AMD RYZEN 7 4700U can overclock faster than Intel's i7-7600U Turbo rated at 3.9Ghz. The AMD RYZEN 7 4700U overclocks to 4.1GHz on a verified benchmark test. The AMD RYZEN 7 4700U L3 cache is 8MB but the Intel i7-7600U has only 4MB of L3. The AMD RYZEN 7 4700U is 100% Microsoft tested and certified. Buy the AMD RYZEN 7 4700U and save some money too.

    I am certain you know this already but you were unsure which one to buy. In this matchup, which is a fair matchup, the AMD wins!

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