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  1. 281179
    Rats : Sat 8th May 2021 : 1 year ago

    it has been a while since ive Uploaded anything New....i been BUSY hehehe....those of Yas that know, KNOW lol....with THAT being said, part of the Reason i havent uploaded anything new is cuz this Channel here is like a Archive; it has stuff i did before and after the Fire....there are Tracks that are on here that physically no longer exist, and dont exist anywhere else on the Internet....i am LOATH to download them into a Physical Format again cuz of obviously Traumatic Reasons. but, Luckily, theres THIS PLACE http://tinyurl.com/plymouthfury so in order to give u guys some of the new stuff ima download some of them old Songs from this Beloved Haven and reload them on UGE in Video Format, thus Preserving them for Forever cuz them Patriots dont PLAY hehehe....new Musique coming soon to my Channel but FIRST...the PURGE. this is the Part i dont like, when im in between putting them onto physical disk n reloading them onto a Cloud cuz watch the HD FAIL right when i delete the TRACK off here....Murphys Law, or am i just a Paranoid Pessimist? LOL

  2. 2607556
    DaMastarXD : Fri 28th May 2021 : 1 year ago

    LOL, your last song is from 2014, I find that kinda hilarious :)

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