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    DJCinema : Wed 28th Apr 2021 : 1 year ago

    Hi all. This is open only to California artists and bands unfortunately because of pandemic restrictions. I've been a Looperman member for almost a decade, but my real life job is I work for Warner Bros and am a feature film director. If you would like a music video with real actors, extras, locations, props, costumes, etc., and can afford $5K and up, let me know.

    I am raising money for a feature and will shoot a music videos for anyone capable and interested. Disclaimer: real music videos cost real money. I can weave gold out of straw but there has to be some straw. If you have some straw, I may be able to manufacture a little gold for you. Costs go towards film permits, locations, and extras pay. That's where the goat bites ya. So if interested, let me know.

    Proof I do what I say, this is a feature I'm directing now:

    Rappers: yachts, limos, hummers and ladies cost money, so please tally that in before contacting me. If you do not, I can submit you a fee schedule for what those cost and it will scare you to death. Everyone else, let me know. DO NOT SEND ANY MUSIC YET, just let me know if you have a budget and might be interested. Labels welcome.

    Rappers, again: film insurance is more costly for rap and hip hop music videos and many locations will restrict us. Just lettin ya know. Thanks all

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    DJCinema : Wed 28th Apr 2021 : 1 year ago

    Oh yeah and that's Warner Bros PICTURES, not Warner Bros Records, so please don't ask me to get you signed to WBR, Elektra, Sire or anyone like that. Pictures has no relation whatsoever to Records. I tried that route. My boss laughed at me

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