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Trying To Search Up Loops But It Doesnt Show For Some Reason

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  1. 2927171
    Miphy : Mon 19th Apr 2021 : 6 months ago

    So i was trying to search up OZ type loops, and when i put it into the search function, it never showed. Its not like there are no OZ type loops, as i have seen loops with OZ in the thumbnail and description, but when i type it in, it goes straight to the screen it shows when it doesnt find any. Can anyone explain why?

  2. 1553231
    randyrandomson : Mon 19th Apr 2021 : 6 months ago

    are you accidentally putting it in the "by member" section, because I've done that before

  3. 2927171
    Miphy : Mon 19th Apr 2021 : 6 months ago

    no, im doing by keyword. it still doesnt

  4. 4597371
    MrAxel : Tue 20th Apr 2021 : 6 months ago

    It would probably be safe to assume that this site blocks two-letter word searches due to a potentially large number of return hits on some two-letter word combinations.

    When I search for loops with the word BY i get no results. But when I add an E and then search for the word BYE, results pop up. Quite possibly, two-letter word searches are not permitted here, but you should DM the admin to be sure.

Posts 1 - 4 of 4

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