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Need A Producer

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  1. 2928314
    stans57 : Mon 19th Apr 2021 : 4 weeks ago

    Hey, I'm a music artist and producer that is open to various genres of rap music, and music, in general, including boom bap, trap, memphis, phonk, etc. Apart from my rapping, I am having trouble properly mixing my vocals for my songs. Before you guys ask, I use audacity but I am in the process of getting FL Studio Producer Edition to record there. Soundcloud is linked below, so you can check out exactly what I mean. Hope we can work together!

  2. 4834434
    Pirimusic1 : Wed 28th Apr 2021 : 2 weeks ago

    Hi bro,I am interested in this. Send me a dm to my instagram or send me an email.
    IG: agustinrios0
    Email: piri.enterprise @ g

  3. 2308596
    alexrogov : Wed 28th Apr 2021 : 2 weeks ago

    Hello there, mixing & mastering engineer is here. Dm me on mail located in my profile. Hope to hear from you soon.

  4. 4688343
    prodbydsk3 : Wed 28th Apr 2021 : 2 weeks ago

    Hey man! My name's Tristan and I'd love to help you out! E-mail me (dskn3ktdofficial @ I can send sample beats if you need em, as I haven't uploaded any yet. Hope to hear from you!

  5. 4707504
    cvprodmusic : Thu 29th Apr 2021 : 2 weeks ago

    hi, i am a producer, hope we can work together
    contact me on instagram: cv.prodmusic
    if u want to listen my stuff:

  6. 3492702
    ogdjyungmillie : Thu 29th Apr 2021 : 2 weeks ago

    Wats good,
    I’m interested shoot me a dm or email..
    Email: yungmilliebeatz@gmail(dot)com
    IG/YT/TW/FB etc: @OGDJYungMillie

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