Freshly Released Rap Album That Contains So Looperman Samples

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    THerodactyle : Sun 21st Mar 2021 : 1 year ago

    Hi everybody !

    Name's THero, I'm a french rapper from Paris.
    Couple days ago I released my first solo album that I produced myself entirely over the course of 2 years and since there are a few looperman samples used in it, I figured I would share it here with the community and mention properly the loop creators that unknowingly contributed to the project !

    Here is the multi-platform link to listen to it:

    And here is the list of samples used with their creator's name:

    40A - Bruce Lee (song: BOSS STAGE)

    MisterVibes - Cajun Heritage Blues2 (song: INITIATION)

    Amusan - Soulful E PIano bb minor (song: INITIATION)

    40A - Dusty Rhodes (song: JAMESBROOKES)

    MisterVibes - Happy Brass Stabs (song: NADA)

    Maxriley - Wolfbait (song: NADA)

    40A - When Moths Burn (song: PARADE)

    So a thousand thanks to all those amazing people sharing their loops here, I hope you guys will enjoy the album ! Feel free to give some feedback through here or instagram (@therodactyle)

    See ya !

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