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    NoellaRose : Tue 9th Mar 2021 : 1 year ago

    Just discovering now... apparently, there's currently a pretty strict policy about what's permitted for sync licensing, Instagram and whatever new Facebook features FB started. I could have sworn this wasn't the case months ago (for sync and Instagram) but nevertheless, these are the restrictions now: https://support.tunecore.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001099886-Facebook-Music-Instagram-Stories-Instagram-Reels

    "Ineligible: You cannot submit tracks to the Facebook Music service that:
    -Contain instrumental content that has previously been used in other tracks, such as samples or beats, even if now exclusively licensed to you
    -Contain any ambient sound effects (like nature sounds), production loops (such as GarageBand loops) or samples from audio libraries (like Musicbed and Audiojungle)
    -Are meditation, yoga or sleep music
    -Contain 10+ consecutive seconds of spoken word material
    -Contain public domain clips or speeches
    -Are karaoke, soundalike or tribute cover versions
    -Are covers of traditional or public domain songs, including but not limited to: childrens music, classical pieces, holiday songs, religious songs/hymns
    Are part of a compilation, Various Artists release, DJ set or continuous mix"

    (This is beyond TuneCore. I found out about it by pure chance on CDBaby, but saw no explanation, and the TuneCore page had much more info I could quote and share.)

    I also saw elsewhere that loops are not "suitable" for sync as well, but haven't found more information, nor have I found the "why" for any of this but the obvious (YouTube/Content ID, of course - but that's completely separate!).

    I feel like some of these examples are highly restrictive and don't make sense to me. I can see good reasons why some of these music types should be allowed and would be desired by users (of Instagram, at least, the service I know better). (No 15 seconds from one track on a continuous mix album, REALLY??? Very strange. No 10 seconds of speaking? I'm potentially misunderstanding that one, right?? Etc. Etc.)

    The restriction will also prevent many Looperman users from having music "stickers" on Instagram, and I don't see why royalty-free sounds (and other prohibited sounds) should not be there, or would cause ANY problems, there or on Facebook. I don't know how music on Facebook works now with new features/restrictions, but from what I read there's nothing so strict like YouTube Content ID, at all. (That said, I dislike Facebook and am hardly aware of how some features work, plus I believe they have brand new music "features" and regulations, but have been confused by them as an actual music creator, but non-FB-user.)

    Finally, I wish they would allow at least the usage of the IG sticker, if not for getting paid, that I dont need for 15 seconds (less actually) of exposure.

    To me, this is very puzzling, and I wonder if this policy can or should change. I'm wondering if any other Looperman users are interested in discussing this, too?

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    NoellaRose : Tue 9th Mar 2021 : 1 year ago

    Meanwhile, RouteNote's guidelines for this are much more sensible, lenient and clearly defined. https://routenote.com/blog/can-i-add-my-music-to-instagram-for-free/

    Most of this makes sense to me:
    "You cannot upload the following to YouTube Content ID or Facebook/Instagram:

    -Samples and loops in their entirety from other peoples music, sample packs or DAWs (regardless of the lease you hold, royalty-free, public domain, Creative Commons)
    -Backing tracks and remixes of other peoples music
    -Speech samples that are not your own
    -Video gameplay audio if you are not the original publisher/copyright owner
    -Compilation albums or content licensed non-exclusively from a third party
    -Classical music including Ancient Music, Early Music, Medieval, Ars Antiqua, Ars Nova, Ars Subtilior, Renaissance, Baroque, Galant music, Romantic, 20th and 21st Century, Modern, Impressionism, Neoclassicism, High Modern, Postmodern, Experimental & Contemporary
    -Cover songs in the public domain
    -Recordings of performance/live content
    -Karaoke releases
    -Nature sounds and no other musical content on one track
    -Meditation releases, ASMR or ambient tones
    -Continuous DJ mixes and full album mixes
    -Original game/film soundtracks"

    Now that actually makes sense!! (Although a full album mix would still play only a few seconds on Instagram, haha.) To me, this highlights how little sense the other policies make. They're so similar, with key differences in clarity and rigidity. It's odd to me.

    They're oddly even lenient when it comes to YouTube ContentID. Curious, but I wouldn't risk it.

    I have this nagging feeling that CDBaby and TuneCore aren't instructing artists properly (more strict and misleading than is actually required) and don't understand modern musical works, like most of hip hop, for example. Something tells me to wait and keep researching. (CDBaby is incredibly vague and brief about it, too, from what I could find.)

    I'm also wondering... why would RouteNote share sensible guidelines for distributing to the same services, while others have unreasonably strict, more vague guidelines ... other than this being a mistake, laziness, or attempts to devalue certain genres and production styles (natural bias by platform owners)...

    Feeling a little lost. :) *shrug*

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