Can Someone Copyright A Song Based On My Loops

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  1. 1837559
    MatthewForest : Mon 8th Mar 2021 : 1 year ago

    I've gotten a copyright claim from FreshTunes from a song someone glued my loops together to make. It contains 0 original content.

    Can I dispute this claim fairly? Is it even aloud to copyright something in that way if it's come from a website like this?

  2. 4323314
    drewgrit : Mon 8th Mar 2021 : 1 year ago

    Honestly man been worried about this myself, I would love to know the answer too. Hopefully someone on here has some insight.

  3. 4597371
    MrAxel : Mon 8th Mar 2021 : 1 year ago

    Read the terms here under the section: LICENSE GRANT.

    You have no case. Simply put, once you upload your musical loops, then they become subject to the terms that you agreed to here as a member of this site. You cannot modify or change those rights.

    What downloaders here cannot do is take your individual loops and repackage, sell, bundle, place, or give away each of your individual loops to another site or person. If the loops you made were used and arranged into a newly made blend or downloadable song, you have no say in that new song. If you are truly worried then stop uploading loops to this site.

  4. 4323314
    drewgrit : Tue 9th Mar 2021 : 1 year ago

    Hey Alex, I am not sure that is actually what Matthew meant. I personally thought he meant he is using his own loops in productions and upon upload got an automatic copyright claim but I could be wrong.

    For example if someones uses a loop on this site and they cant even upload their song because someone else used that loop solo in an intro and has now automatic taken down on anyone else who tries upload with it. That breaks the whole concept of royalty free samples. That what I am curious about.

  5. 4597371
    MrAxel : Tue 9th Mar 2021 : 1 year ago

    Yes. I answered it in two parts. My first part addresses his question. The moment you upload loops here they instantly become copyright-free as in free-domain. The loops you upload are no longer exclusively yours after your upload here. So if someone downloaded lets say many of your individual loop creations and made a single file mixed song from it, then yes the other person can legally copyright their new song made with your loops because the source loops (your loops), are essentially free domain even though you made those loops. Collectively it is now a new song for the other guy and not a loop even though the song was made with your uploaded loops.

    You agreed to the terms and conditions of the Looperman license. I suggest that you should go back and read it thoroughly. So if this bothers you, don't upload here. Fresh Tunes is a music site. They probably use a bot that detects melodies and probably flags things it thinks it may have heard before. Even though something can be marked as copyright-free by one site, like, it does not necessarily mean that all third-party sites, like Fresh Tunes or even YouTube, have to accept Loopermans license designation. You will have to navigate that yourself to ensure that you are in compliance and read all licenses of all parties you happen to become involved with whether willingly or not.

    Now, if YOU created your own website and uploaded loops to it and tagged them with lets say a very restrictive Creative Commons license then you may have LEGAL options. So in summary, the musical loops you uploaded here are no longer exclusively your loops once you upload here per the LOOPERMAN terms and conditions you have agreed to on this site. Also, your loops and songs may be subjected to the terms and conditions of other sites.


  6. 4323314
    drewgrit : Tue 9th Mar 2021 : 1 year ago

    Cheers axel, i appreciate the effort you put into that response, some really good info that im sure a lot of people on here will benefit from. I've yet to even try use one of my own loops in a production of my own so what i meant by worried is, ive been wondering if its even worth possible legal hassle. Tbh it sounds like it isnt which im ok with, I guess I wont be getting high off my own supply haha and apologies on getting youre name wrong, didnt even notice

  7. 883656
    NoellaRose : Tue 9th Mar 2021 : 1 year ago

    I think Axel is actually not understanding after all.

    Yes, this person who (if I understand correctly) stitched together these loops has made a piece that can be copyrighted, perhaps, but that doesn't mean each loop now belongs to this "creator." That's ridiculous (and easily exploitable by any hack and scammer).

    Anyone else trying to use any of those loops INDIVIDUALLY would get this strike. I don't see how you can believe this one person now owns it all, individually (the person only has a claim to that one "remix," let's say). To attempt to claim otherwise clearly shows a misunderstanding.

    OP didn't want to stop someone from creating, OP just wants to not get dinged with an algorithmic and false strike. Re-read the OP.

    This won't get better without intervention, it might get worse. Other people can't freely get "high off your supply," too. It could mean fewer and fewer people can use the loops without a false strike, that fewer and fewer loops are "safe" to use and upload to places like YouTube (and FreshTunes) with no warning.

    This is not first-come-first-serve; whoever stitched together that piece and opted in for whatever algorithmic "protection" this was, did the wrong thing, period.

    By the way, this can happen to anyone using content from this site, then uploading to YouTube and apparently others. It doesn't just affect OP; anything's potentially vulnerable. The Looperman agreement doesn't protect this behavior.

    These loops haven't suddenly become exclusively licensed because someone messed up, that's not how it's supposed to work, but that's what's effectively happened.

    That "creator" needs to remove this "work" from whatever Content-ID-type system it was submitted to, period.

  8. 4597371
    MrAxel : Tue 9th Mar 2021 : 1 year ago

    NoellaRose, I do not think you get it. I never said the other person would own the other guys loops. The loop downloader guys creation would no longer fit in the definition as a loop anymore if it is being stitched together. A proper loop as we know it is about 15 seconds on average. Last I check, you cannot copyright a loop from, that is a fact.

    If the point of origin was the loop creator website and not Looperman, then I am more inclined to agree with you. But Looperman terms supersedes anything else you think or feel about the loops hosted here NoellaRose. Proper intellectual property claims must be governed by a recognizable authority, such as Creative Commons, The GNU General Public License, ASCAP, or BMI for starters. And you have to license each loop as such. Where in Loopermans license does it say you cannot stitch loops together as one single creation?

    So even if someone downloaded and stitched some loops together, what law would he be violating? None, because it would no longer be considered a loop anymore. It becomes a new creation maybe for a podcast for example. You or I do not get to dictate how loops on this site shall be used. I have gotten flagged by YouTube from loops I used from here in the past and I was accused of copyright infringement by them so I deleted my accounts and started all over.

    Every site has its own way of handling copyright issues. Many of them are less empathetic to those who make claims from 15-second loops unless that single loop was stolen and offered as a 15-second loop download elsewhere. One of the reasons why I stopped buying loop kits from sites like Loopmasters is that I kept getting flagged. This problem is not exclusively a only problem. But you cannot just simply license your loop feelings on a loop from this site. Just do not upload them here in the first place and you will have no worries.

    You got to do it the right way from the start with the proper licensing authority. But good luck trying to copyright loops you already uploaded to first.

  9. 1553231
    randyrandomson : Wed 10th Mar 2021 : 1 year ago

    Same thing happened to me. I used an acapella from here and tried uploading my version of it to Soundcloud. It was taken down for copyright from another artist, but it doesn't appear like their version exists. I wanted to dispute it but was afraid my account would be suspended unfairly.

  10. 4546794
    krispywildin : Wed 10th Mar 2021 : 1 year ago

    Yeah, the saddest thing about this site is people will actually use your loop and call it theirs while you will receive no credit. But the opportunities you can come across are more beneficial. If you have a piece of a melody or an acapella you don't want others to take from you, just don't upload it in the end; people will do anything no matter how twisted or rude it is to show up on top.

  11. 1547231
    Lek : Thu 11th Mar 2021 : 1 year ago

    From what I understand, technically you should be able to upload a song using a loop/sample from Looperman even if someone else has done the same. However, in practice this doesn't stop Fresh Tunes or whoever mistakenly coming to the conclusion that you are using copyrighted material. I've read other threads similar to this one saying it is such a ball ache trying to get them to see the facts it's not worth the hassle.

    I did get a track of mine rejected by Spotify because I was using a vocal track from a sample pack. I had to dig out my invoice for the sample pack (which luckily I'd kept!!) and after a bit of toing and froing they did finally accept my track. I don't bother anymore with Spotify when I make a track using anything from a sample pack as I just can't be bothered with the hassle.

    I'm surprised SoundCloud has rejected a track you uploaded @randyrandomson as I've listened to loads of tracks on there using recognisable samples and technically you are also not supposed to upload cover songs on there either and there are thousands and thousands of those on there. SoundCloud are notoriously bad for policing their site, so you must've either been very unlucky or the copyright owner kicked up a stink I s'pose.

  12. 1553231
    randyrandomson : Thu 11th Mar 2021 : 1 year ago

    @Lek it was an instant takedown from BeHochZwo. Doing a search on them gives me almost nothing, and I can't find any of their music. As far as I can tell, they don't really exist that much. Their website is basically nothing and their Soundcloud has no tracks posted.
    This probably happened because we both used FeezMusik's acapella for Grindn and nothing else. I tweeted out my complaint but have not received word from them.

  13. 851137
    crucethus : Fri 12th Mar 2021 : 1 year ago

    @Randyrandomoson. Acapellas are not allowed to be used from this site on any song without the permission of the acapella uploader. It is a clear rule (clause) on looperman and that differs from the loops rule (clause) posted on looperman, and would (should) cause an automatic takedown.

  14. 4417344
    BotBeatsGermany : Fri 12th Mar 2021 : 1 year ago

    @crucethus : Except the acapella is marked as "Free Commercial & Non Commercial". But it is a matter of courtesy to ask at least once.

  15. 2553011
    mentabeats : Fri 12th Mar 2021 : 1 year ago

    @AxelBeckett Their point, as well as my point is NOT that creators shouldn't be able to make original work with the loops here, obviously. The problem is, ONCE they make that ORIGINAL work and post it to a site with a automatic copyright claiming system of some sort (USING the sample or pure LOOP they got from here), other creators also using THAT loop get strikes or claimed for their ORIGINAL work. That's why @NoellaRose mentioned it becoming a first come first serve system. However in saying that, I can't fix the policy or claiming issue, but I do have a tip. I suggest that in the event that you find a
    loop you like, you should Shift the pitch at least 2 keys lower or higher. AND/OR alter the loop in some way, in order to avoid getting claimed. It works for me and I hope it works for you.---- PS Advising someone to stop uploading on here doesn't actually address the issue nor offer meaningful help. Its essentially the someone telling another to stop going to their favorite restaurant because they keep getting their order wrong. When PERHAPS the employees could do a good job instead.

  16. 2553011
    mentabeats : Fri 12th Mar 2021 : 1 year ago

    Altering the loops after downloading them from looperman can help yourself as well as others. So that you aren't accidentally gatekeeping loops when posting original works to other sites.

  17. 851137
    crucethus : Sun 14th Mar 2021 : 1 year ago

    @BotBeatsGermany: From the Acapella rules; Can I use acapellas on looperman in my projects
    The use of acapellas found on looperman differs from how it works with loops. When a user uploads an acapella they do not agree to give them away for free to use in commercial projects. Should you wish to use an acapella found here in your commercial projects or for something more then personal use then you need to contact the person who uploaded the acapella to discuss it. does not play any role in this though and is simply the middle man that introduced you. Most people who upload acapellas though are more then happy to work with you.

    Are the acapellas royalty free
    All media uploaded to the acapellas section remains copyright to the original creator of the files and so are NOT royalty free. The user who uploaded the acapella retain all rights over their acapellas. You may use acapellas in your non commercial projects but for anything else you must get in contact with the artist who uploaded them to organise things.

    For the a full explanation on uploading / downloading and use of acapellas please refer to our terms & conditions
    So No. its not just a courtesy.

  18. 1553231
    randyrandomson : Mon 15th Mar 2021 : 1 year ago

    @crucethus but the acapella I used said "Free Commercial and Non Commercial"

  19. 4597371
    MrAxel : Mon 15th Mar 2021 : 1 year ago

    @mentabeats, telling someone not to upload as a result of copyright fears does address the issue. First, the Looperman license for loops does not afford you any special protection here, the music loops are royalty-free. In business, things must be clearly stated in writing to leave no doubt in any and all agreements or they will survive a copyright challenge in court. Nowhere in the Looperman agreement does it say LOOPERMAN will go to court to protect and defend your rights as you see them. The only way you can properly protect your interest is either create your own website and license your loops as you see fit or do not upload here, those are the facts. Do you honestly believe LOOPERMAN will do battle on your behalf in court? No way! You cannot make the terms up just because you do not like what people are doing with your loops on this private site that has its own terms that you agreed to willingly. If you believe you are correct then petition the Admin to put out some form of loop authority protection in writing here that is backed by an authority that most international governments will respect.

    Simply put, this is a private site, no one told you or made you upload your loops here. You have no ownership here or control over how any loops are used here. If that troubles you then do not upload here. Did you pay any special dues or membership fees here? No! You or I have no inherited rights on a private site such as this, we are guests and not co-owners here.

    Facebook just told its user they must integrate their Facebook accounts with Instagram or else you MUST delete your FB and IG accounts. You don't like the rules that FB and IG are saying? Then you MUST delete your FB and IG accounts. Now read the looperman terms HERE. Then take up your gripe with the admin here and see if you can bring about a rule change. FYI rules here are not made by mob rule or tribal consensus. For instance, Looperman made a rule about no layered loops on this site. You either respect his rules or go make layered loops on your website. That is how it is in life.

  20. 851137
    crucethus : Mon 15th Mar 2021 : 1 year ago

    @randyrandomson It is possible that a specific Accapella uploader allowed that, which is in their rights. but for the rest, the looperman rule applies to acapellas. And you must respect that. It is not inclusive to all acapellas

  21. 4417344
    BotBeatsGermany : Mon 15th Mar 2021 : 1 year ago

    Many of the uploaders already point out in the description that their acapellas may also be used commercially, but I still ask every time.
    Please tell me and the others concretely and to the point: What does "Free for commercial and non-commercial use" MEAN, if not free for commercial and non-commercial use?
    And why is there a search function for exactly that?

  22. 851137
    crucethus : Mon 15th Mar 2021 : 1 year ago

    commercial use. can be used in the process of making money on said art distribution. non-commercial use; to be used in the making of art not to be used in the making of money. if you are going to use an acapella. I would get permission in writing from the pella maker if only to protect yourself in the future. as always in the music industry, nothing is concrete when lawyers get involved. its always best to have enough ammunition.

    Acapellas, Vocals & Rapping
    The acapellas, vocal samples and rapping listed here may be used in your projects but the original artist who uploaded them retain certain rights. Please check the detail of each acapella, vocal sample or rap to see exactly how they may be used. Any questions on using these files contact the user who uploaded them. Acapellas are NOT offered here in the same way as loops are so be sure you fully understand the terms of use.

    Read the acapellas section of the help area for more information on how you can use the acapellas.

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