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3 Albums Being Released Thanks To Producers On Looperman

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    aapofficial : Thu 25th Feb 2021 : 1 month ago

    Hey guys,

    10 months in to the project and we can say we have 3 killer albums which we will be releasing next month. around 100 producers have made the shortlist (oout of 1,000+) to create these albums all from looperman.

    To see if one of your remixes is on one of the albums see the playlist here:

    We will now be pumping thousands of pounds and dollars to promote these albums with the hope that one track will FLY.

    Let me know which track you think will fly or suggest a track that used an AAP acapella that should have been on it. Maybe we missed it!

    Anyway exciting times. We have more albums in the pipeline. So producers keep sending them over. We want more house, rock, chill, slow jams, drum n bass, reggae fusion, disco and future bass tracks. However don't worry too much about fitting in a genre. If the track is's BANGING. And be sure we will add it to the album.

    To listen to our acapellas visit:

    Again guys, many thanks for all your contributions. When I started this project I thought I was only going to find one or two great tracks but I can honestly say I have found hundreds of gems. There is definitely gold at the end of this road and all contributors are set to benefit either directly or indirectly.

    Ajay Ahuja

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  3. 2598337
    GregGR69 : Thu 4th Mar 2021 : 1 month ago

    Really happy to be part of this! Gives a real boost and motivation to raise the bar from one mix to the next and the support feels great! Thank you!

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