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I Just Do Not Understand This

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  1. 2440240
    Paulusx1 : Wed 24th Feb 2021 : 5 months ago

    I am just wondering, I uploaded an acapella and it was downloaded 31 times so far. I never did get any reaction, let alone a song with my acapella from anybody. I checked some of the downloaders and I found they never ever uploaded any song.....not one of them...? I am just wondering, I don't understand why you would download an acapella just to do nothing with it?

    here is the link

  2. 1547231
    Lek : Wed 24th Feb 2021 : 5 months ago

    Sometimes you can download an acapella and it just doesn’t work out and you don’t complete a track. I reckon I make a track from about 60 to 70% of acapellas I download so not everyone will make a track. Others won’t bother to link you because they just don’t. Others will be trying to sell it so don’t want you to be aware of their track (this seems to be quite common). Others still are serial downloaders who never upload anything which I find a bit suspicious but there you go. That probably covers most of them I think.

  3. 2192319
    BLACKMANSTA10 : Thu 25th Feb 2021 : 5 months ago

    It's just like that. The download is pretty much reaction enough. Sometimes you want a comment out of it, but if it doesn't come, that's okay. because people liked it enough to put in the effort to download it.

    Also, they might be uploading to like, other sites (Soundcloud most likely)

    I remembered seeing some of my works being used accidently. I just like it when people use my loops, so I have a different approach to it.

  4. 3503357
    MulaSeven : Thu 25th Feb 2021 : 5 months ago

    I download an acapella for 2 reasons: one, I think it sounds good, and two, I think it fits my style, but most of the time things just don't work out that well for me.

    Either it turns out that the acapella doesn't fit my style like I imagined, or I ran out of ideas so they end up getting abandoned and never made it to the public.

  5. 1836422
    IkonWest : Thu 25th Feb 2021 : 5 months ago

    Don't let it get to you. As the other's said above, a download is still great and means that people thought it was good enough to use. People are shy and might not want to share their work, or maybe it just didn't work when they tried to pair it with their beat, and that's ok. I have a loop here with 3000 downloads and only 5 comments. It sucks that you'll never be able to hear every version created by every downloader, but just know that receiving any amount of downloads on the best loop sharing website is a compliment in itself.

  6. 2689354
    jive4005 : Thu 4th Mar 2021 : 4 months ago

    use the "Don't Allow Downloads Until Comment" rule when posting.

  7. 4116942
    SignalForTrouble : Thu 4th Mar 2021 : 4 months ago

    A lot of times I will download and try to do something with it.. I have tons of unfinished projects. If I like it, then I send it back to the original poster.

  8. 2440240
    Paulusx1 : Thu 4th Mar 2021 : 4 months ago

    Thanks folks for all your replies. I am not bothered by it, I was just wondering. It was my first acapella so I did not know what to expect.

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