Looking For Artists For To Collab With For A Project

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  1. 3304547
    HorizontheOG : Thu 11th Feb 2021 : 3 weeks ago

    Aight, so boom, I'm pretty much looking for a few rappers to collab with on a producer/rapper ep project I'm planning to make.

    If you are down, contact me on Soundcloud @Horizonntaal.

  2. 1929300
    BriJee : Thu 11th Feb 2021 : 3 weeks ago

    I'm not down, i'm IN >:D
    Lets do this mane, here is my several studio acapellas for mixes and remixes:
    Will be nice to hear cool tracks with other rappers on it.

  3. 2729113
    Uon : Tue 23rd Feb 2021 : 1 week ago


Posts 1 - 3 of 3

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