Looking To Collaborate With ACTIVE Hip Hop Artists

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  1. 2531555
    furybeats : Mon 25th Jan 2021 : 1 month ago

    If you are an unsigned hip hop artist with who both hungry and is serious, follows up and does what you say you will do and you have at least one song done fairly recently, I want to work with you. My latest collab was with a hip hop artist named Kalif Kalif. Only contact me if you are serious and are able to follow-through.

    For your reference, here is an EP we released not too long ago: https://furybeats.bandcamp.com/album/lyrical

    Contact me from my profile or check me out on IG and message me there at @furybeats1

    Serious Inquiries Only...

  2. 1929300
    BriJee : Sun 7th Feb 2021 : 3 weeks ago

    Hungry and serious? hahh... ok i'm in. Nothin to lose i guess, anyway lets bang the stage up.
    I have studio acapellas from my previous records, looking to join in mix or remix, free to use, just let me hear it after and we both be the winners:
    My style from hard punchy to smooth chorus-type.

Posts 1 - 2 of 2

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