Where Can I Find Good Loops

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  1. 2741549
    seanpfett : Thu 14th Jan 2021 : 6 days ago

    Where can i Find loops other than looperman. I am really looking for good trap loops and i look so long and I cand find some. Where are the hookups?

  2. 2804841
    TrenchBoy : Thu 14th Jan 2021 : 6 days ago

    From me

  3. 1547231
    Lek : Thu 14th Jan 2021 : 6 days ago

    Assuming you are not willing to pay for them, then you are going to struggle to find anywhere better than Looperman. If you are willing to pay though, there are loads of sites from which to choose from. Or even better, why not have a go and making your own. Then your tracks won't be using the same basic instrumentation as countless others.

  4. 3626928
    GeoMoon : Fri 15th Jan 2021 : 5 days ago

    Yo Bro. Hope this message finds you well.
    I have some dope piano and guitar loops :


    I play guitar and piano so the loops are performed and they are not midi. They have the human feel I mean.
    Check it you .
    Bless man

  5. 671112
    danke : Fri 15th Jan 2021 : 4 days ago

    here my friend ... check 40A and MINOR2GO pages ...

    fistbump, Danke

  6. 3705614
    YoujinTrey : Sat 16th Jan 2021 : 3 days ago

    Посмотри у меня, может что понравится

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