Looking For All Types Of Artists But Especially Trappy Shit

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  1. 4267623
    annablaze : Wed 13th Jan 2021 : 1 week ago

    my music style changes like with every song but first and foremost I have this rly good idea for a rap song that I think someone could probably make into an actual song and not just the basic beat and some fish tycoon samples and a bunch of lyrics I haven't decided on what to keep, but tbhhhh only having to do a verse or two and then a switch up w another artist on it would be rad af. its called mediocre and its basically an ex diss track ass thing (almost think stupid by Ashnikko)

    my usual style is either classic singer songwriter shit but ive had people say that my stuff reminds them of billie eilish (idk how to spell it) or Lana or whatever probably bc its ambient and sad and vibes-y

    lmk what daw do you use? I have logic pro x but I can run it thru GarageBand or idk figure out stems shit (or if you have a Mac I can send you the cracked version of logic so u can have it for free as well)

    my site: theannablaze.com has some of my stuff and while a decent amount of the singing stuff itself is ehh at best it was bc I was recording shit on my iPhone. bad things (my first feature) might give you a better idea off what I can actually sound like, as well as rose I do suppose, loft shit is good but I dont sing and actually my song spooky szn had a bit of tiktok fame not too long ago and is a pretty good example of how I make more trap/emo trap asss music but anything else is Not Great

    all my social media is on that site too, but when/if you message pls make sure to tell me where youre from so I actually answer. and I can also publish the songs to Spotify etc because I already pay for all of that jazz and have a semi decent fan base that would flip if I put smthn like mediocre out but rly they're wanting new music in general.

  2. 1060142
    Philemonster1 : Wed 13th Jan 2021 : 1 week ago

    email me check my contact page or search "Fya Philly - No Hesitation" on you tube

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