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  1. 3619348
    sindiedarius : Wed 13th Jan 2021 : 3 months ago

    Aye whats good everybody, Im a yung artist still in the making, and Im looking for producers and artists from all around the world.
    This is my link.tree if you wanna check me out !

  2. 4707504
    cvprodmusic : Thu 25th Feb 2021 : 1 month ago

    hi, i am a producer, hope we can work together
    contact me on instagram: cv.prodmusic
    if u want to listen my stuff:

  3. 3617983
    DwayLocos : Fri 26th Feb 2021 : 1 month ago

    Yo, some beats in beat tape form:

  4. 2680896
    mooxse : Sat 27th Feb 2021 : 1 month ago

    Yo am a producer from Singapore
    worked with a couple of local artists
    check out my band @YASAI on Spotify (produced quite a few of them) (personal beat page)

    hmu on Ig @maxxie_cs if int

Posts 1 - 4 of 4

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