How Do You Know The Bpm Of A Loop

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  1. 4157772
    serpineslair : Sat 2nd Jan 2021 : 1 year ago

    Hi there, I am trying to upload a loop for the first time but it keeps getting rejected because 'It is not 120bpm'. I do not understand, as, when I created the loop in my daw, I set the bpm to 120. I do however understand that just because I set the bpm to 120, the loop might not actually be 120 bpm. If so, how can you check the bpm of a loop? Thank you for your time. :D .

  2. 2337852
    Palometa : Sun 3rd Jan 2021 : 1 year ago

    I usually use manual tap to get BPM, but maybe it is not useful for your purpose. Try to export the loop on wav with 120 bpm and again upload it to your daw, then adjust it manually stretching the file, because sometimes it gets longer, you will see when you upload it again in your daw. Last, export it in mp3 and try to upload it again.

    Hope it helps you dude

  3. 1547231
    Lek : Sun 3rd Jan 2021 : 1 year ago

    There are a few websites where you can upload the track or part of a track and it gives you the bpm. Ive not done it for quite a while so cant remember the site I used but a quick search should find one fairly easily. Hope this helps.

  4. 4157772
    serpineslair : Sun 3rd Jan 2021 : 1 year ago

    Lek, I have tried this but looperman says it is still wrong.

  5. 1547231
    Lek : Sun 3rd Jan 2021 : 1 year ago

    Im a bit confused when you say you set your DAW to 120 bpm but you understand it might not come out as 120 bpm. Well it should come out as 120 bpm otherwise you are doing something weird in your DAW. The only way that could happen is if youre not cutting it at the end of the bar. But to clarify it would still be 120 bpm but the looping being done on looperman might be detecting it isnt due to where it is cut. Maybe. But anyway if you have your DAW set at 120 bpm that would be the bpm under normal conditions.

    By the way I found the site I used and tried 2 of my tracks at random and the correct bpm was detected on those so it should work going by my quick test.

  6. 1547231
    Lek : Sun 3rd Jan 2021 : 1 year ago

    The only way I can think of that would trick your DAW is if you set the bpm to x and then import a wav for example at bpm y. The wav would still play at bpm y in this instance assuming you instruct your DAW to import at the bpm of the imported wav but I assume you are not doing that and creating your own loop so this wouldnt come into it.

  7. 372886
    Bilbozo : Sun 3rd Jan 2021 : 1 year ago

    One other reason it can get rejected is if the loop is not seamless. If it is not set to restart at the right place it can throw the BPM out and may be deemed unaccepted.

  8. 4157772
    serpineslair : Mon 4th Jan 2021 : 1 year ago

    How does looperman check the bpm of loops?

  9. 4050547
    Unknown User : Tue 5th Jan 2021 : 1 year ago

    In Pro Tools (which is the DAW I use) I usually do this by the "Tap Tempo" function. For instance, You have to tap the 'T' letter on the keyboard while the loop/sound is playing and the tempo display (which is highlighted and the "conductor" is disabled) automatically displays the correct tempo!

  10. 1
    Looperman : Tue 5th Jan 2021 : 1 year ago

    The bpm you set in your DAW will be the bpm of the file.

    To make that file into an actual loop at the bpm you have chosen though you must set the daw to snap to "beats & bars" or whatever its called in your DAW and then make sure to only export a set number of bars.

    For example,

    Set the bpm/tempo to 120
    set the snap to beats and bars
    set your daws loop option to on
    set the daw to run at 16bit 44hz
    set a left and right marker on the start of bar 1 and the end of bar 4
    choose the correct export settings to only export the 4 bars

    if you do this correctly ..
    1 - the audio will loop
    2 - your 4 bar 16bit 44hz loop at 120bpm will be exactly 1.35mb
    3 - when you upload it you'll notice the waveform generated will line up well with the beat markers on the loop

    make sure to read and understand EVERYTHING in the following post and you should not go far wrong.

  11. 4157772
    serpineslair : Tue 5th Jan 2021 : 1 year ago

    Thanks for your help Looperman, greatly appreciated :D.

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