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  1. 3589365
    BertimGr : Sat 2nd Jan 2021 : 2 weeks ago

    Hello, this is my first thread. I'm Nick, 20 yo, from Greece. I am an amateur rapper/ producer for about a year and a half without any significant work to show, just practice and practice. I am about to make a LP this year, my tracks will be in greek language. I will make beats too but I would like to collaborate with other prods so the LP will have diversity. So, if there is anyone interested and would like to know more info let me know and I will follow your IG.
    Have a creative year!

  2. 4595957
    Icyxbe : Sat 2nd Jan 2021 : 2 weeks ago

    Hey man I can send you some of my Beats and if you like some of them we can work together. What kind of rap do you want to produce and whats you style you like to rap in?

  3. 3039308
    dmoneybeats99 : Sat 2nd Jan 2021 : 2 weeks ago

    What's up bro I'm up for collaborating, insta is @d_money_beats. I make mainly melodic up-tempo (~155 BPM) beats.

  4. 3020172
    rossadova : Sat 2nd Jan 2021 : 2 weeks ago

    Hi if you're interested check out my channel to hopefully find what you like!

    my insta

  5. 3964208
    OV3RDOS3 : Sat 2nd Jan 2021 : 2 weeks ago

    Dm me on IG bro i can send you a beat pack


  6. 4368001
    Izobeatss : Sat 2nd Jan 2021 : 2 weeks ago

    I am interested
    Here is some of my work

  7. 3308083
    joonbe : Sat 2nd Jan 2021 : 2 weeks ago

    Lmk if you're interested i make all type of beats
    Here's some of them
    You can dm me on @joonbe_

  8. 4300139
    mg0204 : Mon 4th Jan 2021 : 1 week ago

    check out my instagram @astro.b1

    lmk if you need anything!!

  9. 3951907
    carstenprd : Mon 4th Jan 2021 : 1 week ago

    yo, if you need some hard hitting 808s or drill drums hmu on IG: https://www.instagram.com/prodbycarsten/
    Have a great day and stay healthy

  10. 2818123
    theoutcast : Mon 4th Jan 2021 : 1 week ago

    Hey bro! I produce any kind of genre mostly lil peep/juice WRLD type stuff. HMU! The Adopted Outcast on any platform!

  11. 2579222
    IppeOnTheBeat : Mon 4th Jan 2021 : 1 week ago

    Heyy bro im a swedish producer looking to send beats to rappers.

    My ig is @Felipeippe and down here is my links :) if u like my type beats just DM me for any questions :)



  12. 2343511
    prodfumes : Mon 4th Jan 2021 : 1 week ago

    Elaa man ahaha, tsekare an thes edw https://www.youtube.com/c/fumesprod
    exw kiriws newschool beats (trap k drill) an se endiaferei kapio lemme know. ig: dimitris.bz
    to email mou einai sto bio

    kali sinexeia

  13. 2337852
    Palometa : Thu 7th Jan 2021 : 1 week ago


    Hree u hace one of my beats bro, have lot of styles on my yt channel, from Stormzy vibes to Pop Smoke or Curren$y. Check it out, and hope u like it! In any case, keep it up with ur project!

  14. 4455091
    vvixstudio1 : Fri 8th Jan 2021 : 1 week ago


  15. 4164104
    SchiriBeats : Thu 14th Jan 2021 : 2 days ago

    All my beats are free for non commercial profit


    if u need any help lmk insta @schiribeats

  16. 3626928
    GeoMoon : Fri 15th Jan 2021 : 1 day ago

    Bro, edw eisai. Dope producer gia Ellhniko Trap-Hip Hop. Steiltou message:


  17. 4642412
    XFull : Fri 15th Jan 2021 : 1 day ago

    Στείλε μου DM στο IG να δούμε αν ταιριάζουν τα χνώτα μας man.
    IG: x_full_

  18. 2357913
    tman101983 : Fri 15th Jan 2021 : 1 day ago

    Whats up man, heres a beat. Show me what you can do on it.


    Song with vocals for reference

  19. 2357913
    tman101983 : Sat 16th Jan 2021 : 22 hours ago

    My IG is t.l.20.20
    Forgot to post that

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