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Just Happy

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  1. 2689354
    jive4005 : Thu 3rd Dec 2020 : 10 months ago

    Just wanted to say I was happy... that I believe I'm finally figuring out all the different aspects here. Tough learning curve for an old dog.

  2. 927495
    djgzr : Thu 3rd Dec 2020 : 10 months ago

    Glad to hear it!

  3. 2689354
    jive4005 : Thu 3rd Dec 2020 : 10 months ago

    Thanks, me too.

  4. 2237161
    Aysedasi : Sun 6th Dec 2020 : 10 months ago

    I've been using Looperman for a couple of years now. I make music solely for my own enjoyment - the reaction of my family is testament to the fact that it isn't for public consumption, but I enjoy doing it immensely. I'm 63 years old, have an age-old love of rhythm and what I called 'mesmeric monotony' borne out of my appreciation of German electronic music. I search Looperman for loops that are 'different' and can help be add a bit of discordance into my music. Many of my pieces are in the 15-25 minute bracket. I'm not sure what I'd do without Looperman, I dig around in here most days and although I pass over 99% of the loops, every now and again I find a gem and usually add a comment to that effect. So many thanks for the resource, it's really appreciated.

  5. 2689354
    jive4005 : Sun 6th Dec 2020 : 10 months ago

    Cool Ay... I too do mine mostly to entertain myself... tho I do have a modest following from over 50 yrs of entertaining. I like looperman most as a venue to meet other like minded players who are also born with that musical itch. Jam on.

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