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  1. 760420
    DirtyDeeds0867 : Wed 2nd Dec 2020 : 1 month ago

    Hi everyone I was just wondering if I am the only one who is not getting any comments on my stuff? I only have a couple downloadable loops on here and they haven't been up long. But one of them has 87 downloads and the other 104 as of now. Not one comment nothing. I understand its not required but geez. If I download a loop I am gonna at least give the uploader props. Is it just me that feels like that?

  2. 841435
    ValveDriver : Wed 2nd Dec 2020 : 1 month ago

    Two things:

    One: If you post your work expecting a flood of comments and praise, you're setting yourself up for disappointment. Whether it's loops, or full tracks, or whatever.

    Two: 99.99% of people downloading loops don't give two shits about you or the hard work you put into your loops. They are here for free loops to go make a half assed dubstep track...if they ever get around to making anything at all. I've been here since 2012. Over tjose years, I've posted, and removed, several loops. Of them, I can count on 3 fingers how many comments I've received.
    Don't take it personally if you're not getting verbal feedback. Let the numbers do the talking.

    Take care.

  3. 671112
    danke : Wed 2nd Dec 2020 : 1 month ago

    In 10 years I have uploaded approx. 5000 loops and then I deleted approx. 2000 ... I used to even thank you for uploading, now your site is only used for dirty song presentations ... except, of course, the trap loops, where the pseudo "producers" proudly show the more pathetic attempts i don't like uploading loops ...

    unfortunately a lot of things around us, evolving backwards ...:-(

  4. 671112
    danke : Wed 2nd Dec 2020 : 1 month ago

    btw...this is still the most sympathetic site for amateurs ... :-)

  5. 760420
    DirtyDeeds0867 : Wed 2nd Dec 2020 : 1 month ago

    Well the totally weird thing is that literally after I posted this I got a detailed comment on a track lmao...But thanks for the feedback. The loops I put up were not difficult to do but I have a bunch to upload still. I put a bunch more work into the tracks. Guess I shouldn't be having expectations like that lmao.

  6. 760420
    DirtyDeeds0867 : Wed 2nd Dec 2020 : 1 month ago

    I have been on here since 2012 as well..1 of the 2 tracks I have on here is from when I got on here back then. But that was done with all loops. The new one is all me except drums.

  7. 297399
    remfraiche : Thu 3rd Dec 2020 : 1 month ago

    I Remember the good old days, Back in 2009 I created tracks and they would be commented on with sincere comments and feedback. Now all you get is GOOD BRO or LIKED. I think that is because the world around us in changing into so much more producers and beatmakers not giving love and trying to boost their own accounts. Still think this site beats other websites like soundcloud where you only get comments from bots nowadays.

  8. 1547231
    Lek : Thu 3rd Dec 2020 : 1 month ago

    Yeah, I think SoundCloud could put a lot more effort in to sort out their problems with bots. But SoundCloud users themselves are part of the problem. If I ever get a follow or like from someone who clearly hasn't listened to any of my tracks I block them and if their profile is also promoting some crappy service or other I also report them as spam. The problem is half the time, SoundCloud takes no action against them even when they are blatantly bots. Also, it doesn't help that some users not only accept bot followers they also follow them back(!) - idiots. And then there's the people who buy fake plays on there. They should be banned. SoundCloud are their own worst enemy a lot of the time.

  9. 760420
    DirtyDeeds0867 : Thu 3rd Dec 2020 : 1 month ago

    Yep I deleted my soundcloud because of the bot comments and what seemed like promotions of so called producers etc..

  10. 1547231
    Lek : Thu 3rd Dec 2020 : 1 month ago

    Well until there is an alternative site where I can upload and keep all my tracks in WAV I’m kinda stuck with it despite the issues.

  11. 841435
    ValveDriver : Thu 3rd Dec 2020 : 1 month ago

    I'm stuck with Soundcloud, too. I need the embed codes for I wish Looperman had them, I would totally use those over Soundcloud any day of the week.

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