VITAL Synth Is Amazing Freeware

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    Rasputin : Wed 25th Nov 2020 : 1 month ago

    Hey Looperman friends,

    Just a note to say that the VITAL synthesizer is now available for download... and it's FREEWARE. You just have to set up a fast, free account with their website.

    I've been playing around with it, and wow... it is incredibly sophisticated and very, very "deep". And it sounds excellent-- very clean, clear and powerful, with amazingly complex presets.

    It will take you a fair bit of time just to learn how to use it and how to leverage its incredible possibilities. I would say it's every bit as deep and flexible as SERUM... and that's saying something!

    Think of it this way: For 100% free, you can get a synth more sophisticated than anything that existed on the whole planet in the year 2000, maybe even 2010.

    The basic VSTi synth is freeware, but there are several paid plans by which you can receive lots and lots of extra data, presets, help, etc.

    Go get it at:

    Best, ras

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