How Do I Export Loops Out Logic Pro For Uploading To Looperman

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    soaren : Fri 13th Nov 2020 : 1 year ago

    i feel like this is such a dumb question but i gotta figure it out so here i am. I used to use garageband and uploaded loops using "export song to disk" how do i upload from logic pro x? like can someone just quickly lay out a step by step list on how to export them out of logic in the proper format that looperman makes you have? i keep thinking i have it and when i click upload loop it says its wrong. Thanks!

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    GadManDubs : Fri 13th Nov 2020 : 1 year ago


    Problem - There is no waveform showing or its nothing more then a line.

    How did I know - pretty obvious, no image

    Solution - upload your file at 16bit 44hz as it says on the form


    Problem - The file is not a set of bars at the tempo you have entered and so wont loop with other files.

    How did I know - I can spot these because the file size is different to other files of the same tempo or the fact that the waveform does not line up with the beat markers. Do a test yourself. Export a set of different files all at 4 bars at a set tempo and check the file size. If they are perfect loops the file size will be exactly the same.

    Solution - make sure you check the tempo in your DAW and that you export files with the correct settings and that you choose say 1, 2, 4, 8 or 16 bars for the loop points


    Problem - Your file is a female vocal but you are a male. In this case the chances are that its not your own voice, you dont own the copyright and so should not have uploaded it

    How did I know - Again, pretty obvious

    Solution - either dont upload someone elses voice or make sure you give a valid reason in the description as to why you are allowed to upload it.


    Problem - Your file contains bass, drums etc all mixed together rendering your loop useless to someone who for example just wanted the drums.

    How did I know - MMMmmmm

    Solution - Go back to your DAW and solo each layer and then upload the individual parts.


    The whole point of loops is that you can take a few here and a few there at the same tempo and key and load them into a DAW and they will work well together.

    Any loop at 120bpm will play in sync with another loop at 120bpm. The beats would line up, the bass would land on the beat etc etc etc

    Before being allowed access to upload i ask that everyone reads the guide i wrote to help people avoid common mistakes.

    By forcing people to read and understand the common mistakes the aim was to cut down on the amount of files that get rejected, to help improve the quality of uploads and generally avoid wasting everyones time.

    The time of the person making the loop
    my time in checking and rejecting them
    the time of the person who downloads a file only to find it doesnt work or needs editing.

    Hopefully sharing the things that i look for and the reasons will help everyone who so generously gives their time and shares their loops.

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