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    scottterry87 : Wed 11th Nov 2020 : 3 weeks ago


    As I write this - I am in a decent job, have a house, have 2 children - however I am lacking fulfilment.
    As a young lad I followed my head. I tried to make something of myself in the world of business...
    Unfortunately things didn't work out the way I hoped. Now I'm looking for something new. Something to run along side my normal day job.
    To hopefully fill that void.

    My passion is for music and production. I worry that one day - I will look back and regret not trying harder with it. Living with the what ifs and if onlys...

    I have always produced music, not to a great quality - but there is potential.

    I have always questioned myself, or lacked motivation. My own self doubt and anxiety has usually been my reason for defeat.

    I am looking for 1 or 2 producers that wish to collaborate on passion project with me.

    I'm looking to make big room, trance, edm, dance
    Uplifting, melodic, euphoric sounds and classical / orchestral sounds.

    Taking elements from all other scenes, combing to make a unique and feel good sound and experience.

    I'm looking for producers with a similar passion and dream to embark on the journey with me.
    It may take a few years, and there may be some personal expense along the way.
    I'm looking for some driven, mature, polite and professional indivuals of male or female. Any age is suitable (above 18) please note I am 33.

    I'm also looking for people that appreciate the production of an event. For example:lighting, timing and general ambience etc.

    My end goal is to create a following, and then in time organise our own events to secure a decent return on our investment of time and money.

    I'd ask that anyone please submit a small description of yourself and also a sample of the music you have made recently.
    Links to websites or sound clouds are also welcomed.

    I am based in the UK, in the south east. I am looking for people that are within travelling distance and are able to travel where needed.

    The project is to be a collaboration under a joint name, so I really want team players and not people who are pushing their solo work.

    My best regards, and thank you for reading this far.


  2. 813174
    dreamchaser82 : Fri 13th Nov 2020 : 2 weeks ago

    I totally get where you're coming from.

    I have a good job but always felt unfulfilled, always wanted to do something with music. Have been writing songs since I was a teenager and never did anything.

    This year I turned 40, I promised myself that I would somehow get at least a song released this year.
    Today I released my first song called Odyssey, which I wrote and produced using a couple of loops off here.

    All I will say is never give up!

  3. 2615486
    scottterry87 : Fri 20th Nov 2020 : 1 week ago

    Thanks for the reply. It's good to see you pushing your music.

    Are you looking to do a collaboration project?
    I am looking to go mainstream?

  4. 813174
    dreamchaser82 : Fri 20th Nov 2020 : 1 week ago

    Yeh am looking to collab, I want to go mainstream. That's why I just put one of my songs out to start getting my name out there.

    If you're on insta add me on there @iamharryedwards and drop me a message.

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